Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Daily Cleanse?

 YES™ Herbal (Cleanse) is the ideal optimizer and cleanser to help minimize the negative effects of harmful food additives and other environmental toxins.

The Problem
Contamination from toxins (preservatives, pesticides, and hormones) is over whelming our body’s defenses and is killing us. Pesticide toxins in our soil, pollution in our air, and adulterated oils and additives in food processing, are all common place making them nearly impossible to avoid, even using organic products. These toxins are harmful and may cause low energy, allergies, and lead to other health problems.

The Solution
We are fortunate that Nature has given us a way to combat these modern toxins. The
formula for YES™ Herbal is derived from the Essiac™ concept tonic, a time-tested blend used for close to 100 years by the Iroquoi & Ojibwa Indians. This formula is unrivaled for gentleness and effectiveness. You can use it every day to help combat the negative effects of our polluted environment. It works at the cellular level to help optimize your biological systems in minimizing the damaging effects of toxins.

We put this herbal combination in a convenient capsule as well as offering the original liquid tea form. The formula includes: Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Cat's Claw Bark, and Turkish Rhubarb Root (just a bit).

The Herbs
Burdock Root – This herb is rich in vitamins B-complex and E. It also includes the trace minerals: potassium, phosphorous, chromium, cobalt, iron, magnesium, silicon, zinc, and sodium. Burdock Root increases circulation to the skin and helps cleanse the epidermal tissues. It has also been reported to destroy bacteria and fungus cultures. Burdock Root is known as a “blood purifier.” It helps eliminate toxins from the blood and lymphatic system. The liver, gall bladder, kidneys, and digestive system all benefit from its properties. It also helps with the elimination of excess fluids and the regulation of sugar.

Sheep Sorrel – This herb is rich in vitamin A, B-complex, C, D, K, and E. Its minerals include significant levels of calcium, iron, magnesium, silicon, sulphur, zinc, manganese, iodine, and copper. This herb has been reported to aid in a wide variety of skin disorders as well as aiding in digestive disorders. Vitamin A strengthens the immune system by aiding in production of white blood cells. White blood cells attack many of the body’s harmful intruders. Sheep sorrel is also rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll increases oxygen content in the blood. High blood oxygen can increase the body’s action against many invasive conditions. This herb is also rich in potassium oxalate, which aids in digestion and has been shown to strengthen the immune system.

Cat’s Claw Bark – This herb is effective for treating a variety of digestive and upper respiratory disorders. It’s great for circulation and has also been shown to help in treating rheumatism, gastritis, ulcers, and some allergies.

Slippery Elm Bark – This herb is a natural antibiotic and has exceptional cleansing properties. It helps coat and lubricate the artery wall, which helps blood flow. It has also been shown to protect membrane linings in the joints and can provide relief of inflamed areas.

Chinese Rhubarb – This herb has been used in China for more than 2,000 years. It has very impressive detoxifying properties, especially in the liver. This herb also has antibiotic and anti-microbial properties.

This specific combination of herbs is in a "league of its own." Unlike most commercial herbal supplements, YES™ Herbal is produced in small, limited quantities. The herbs have no pesticides and are certified organic. We have these incredible herbs produced in pristine parts of the world ideal for each herb. There is limited worldwide supply of this level of herbal excellence. Surprisingly, when it comes to herbs, the exact place they are grown makes all the difference.

After harvest, the herbs are dried for the capsules or carefully brewed, and blended to our specific formula. Just one capsule a day is all you need. Our specialized Herbal formula is extremely effective, so a little goes a long way!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

NATURAL VS. SYNTHETIC… In Which Will You Put Your Trust?


Probably never in history has so much money been spent on the advertising and the purchasing of any merchandise, with so little knowledge of the product itself on the part of either the seller or the buyer, as has been spent on "VITAMINS". Billions are being spent annually and most of the purchasers, jobbers, wholesalers, retailers or direct to the consumer salesmen do not know the difference between a SYNTHETIC, a CRYSTALLINE or a truly NATURAL vitamin. They know little of how they are made, their characteristics, their attributes, their sources, their advantages or disadvantages, and how to tell one from the other by reading the label. We want our Springreen Doctors and their patients to know exactly what they are selling and buying.

A NATURAL vitamin - Means, as far as we are concerned, vitamins as found in natural foods,
untampered with (not segregated, separated or isolated) in any way that might change their molecules, their biological or biochemical combinations, or their action. This usually means that only fiber and moisture are removed. Natural Food Vitamins are never highly concentrated. Nature is interested in BALANCE NOT POTENCY. This means that to get higher than normal potency NATURAL VITAMINS MUST BE CONSUMED IN GREATER QUANTITY. Synthetic and Crystalline vitamins lend themselves to high potency concentrations in a few small pills. Naturals must be used in greater quantity as you would with food.

CRYSTALLINE - Means it had a natural food as its original source but probably was treated with various high powered chemicals, solvents, heat, and distillations to reduce it down to one specific, pure, crystalline vitamin or amino acid. It is no longer natural. It no longer has its synergists (enzymes, coenzymes, minerals, mineral activators, and co-vitamin helpers). It has been reduced to a pure, simple, crystalline powder.

SYNTHETIC - Means that in the laboratory the scientist attempted to reconstruct the exact structure of the CRYSTALLINE molecule by "putting together" or chemically combining molecules from other known sources. Chemically, therefore, there is no difference between the Synthetic and the Crystalline. As a vitamin there is no difference between the two. The crystalline may have a slight advantage in that it is difficult to reduce any natural product to an absolutely pure state and some "impurities" might be naturally occurring thus giving a little added value to the Crystalline over the Synthetic. On the label for either Synthetic or Crystalline only the chemical name of the single vitamin is usually given. Legally it is not necessary to give the source from which the synthetic chemical is derived. Natural Vitamins build nutritionally – synthetics medically. Natural vitamins build slowly but exceedingly well as NATURE always does. Synthetics can give a quick spasmodic spurt that may not be lasting. Naturals are NONTOXIC in any consumable quantity. Some synthetics may be very toxic because they are not a genuine food. Finally, Naturals are much more expensive because they are perishable and every precaution must be taken to preserve their life and integrity. Synthetics are mostly "dead", inert, cheaper and present much less expensive handling problems. As with any inert material greater mass production creates cheaper bargain prices. All labels of truly NATURAL food concentrates should indicate the exact food source from which a vitamin is obtained.


1. "There never was anything in the world that some man could not make a little worse and sell a little cheaper. Those people who consider price only are this man´s lawful prey." - John Ruskin

2. "The bitter memory of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of cheap price is forgotten."
3. GOD made naturals - MAN made synthetics. In which will you put your trust?

Note 1: Synthetics are so much cheaper that commercially they have actually replaced most crystallines. Only a few crystallines are commercially used, such as: (1) B12 (2) Alpha Tocopherol (partially replaced), and (3) Inositol.

Note 2: Legally a crystalline can be called natural because it was isolated from a natural product, but it is not natural as herein described.


Minerals are characterized as:

INORGANIC - The minerals as found in soils, rocks and chemicals. Some are obtained in pure crystal powder while others are unstable alone so are available only as a salt (i.e. combined with something else).

ORGANIC - These are minerals that have been organized by photosynthesis from the action of the sun, soil, air and water into plant life and thereby into animal tissue.

COMMENT: Every nutritive factor that has ever been isolated by scientific man from any vegetation and shown to be needed in human nutrition (except vitamin D and water) is found in Springreen. On our label we state "as found in Springreen," or as "analyzed from Springreen," or as "naturally occurring in Springreen." Our potencies are small compared to Synthetics and Crystallines, but they are in Nature's own balance. They carry their own Synergists (minerals, mineral activators, enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids, vitamins, etc.), all closely balanced and bound together by Nature. They are "alive" and ready to function without chemically upsetting Nature's delicate balance in the human body. They are not a man made chemical drug.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Your Electrical System and EMF

As a general information source, the Wikipedia entry on “Mobile phone radiation and health” cites 103 documenting citations, providing an impressive list of potential expert witnesses for future lawsuits claiming health damages from EMF exposure.

Each of us is an electrical system. Our nervous system networks transmit electrical signals that control every living function. Cellular metabolism involves extremely complex electrical activity. Our immune responses producing inflammation involve a system of electromagnetic sensors to differentiate familiar from unfamiliar genetic material. It would be foolhardy to assume that radiation of electromagnetic fields into these complex and delicate electromagnetic systems will not affect us in many yet unknown ways.

Inflammation is related to a wide range of illnesses, including cardiovascular disease and cancers.  Although definitive research findings on health outcomes from RF exposure will require more time, research findings so far are not encouraging.

In 1995, two scientists reported DNA damage following just two hours of exposure to MW radiation in the journal Bioelectromagnetics.

In 2004, a pan-European study involving 12 collaborating laboratories using sensitive in-vitro methods found compelling evidence of DNA damage from EMF exposure.

In 2011, a working group of 31 scientists from 14 countries representing the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer met for a week to review research on potential carcinogenic hazards from exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. The group concluded by classifying RF radiation as a possible Group 2B carcinogen to humans comparable to DDT, engine exhaust, and pesticides.

Pending conclusive evidence from long-term studies, the WHO advises exercise of the “precautionary principle.”  We interpret that as avoidance pending conclusive research evidence.

Of 919 studies on the effects of mobile cell phone towers that emit RF radiation, 593 – almost two-thirds – showed negative effects on birds, bees, other wildlife and plants as well as humans. We are thus affecting our food sources as well as ourselves, and failing our responsibility to other species with whom we share the planet.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What is Biophotonics?

Whatever You Store in Natural Healing Tools Violet Glass Just Keeps Better!!

Natural Healing Tools Violet Glass was developed and tested in Switzerland to find the exact color that allows in the vital spectrum of light and block the wavelengths that degrade food, superfoods, essential oils and supplements.

Biophotons as a bridge to vitality?


By the insights of bio photonics, the conventional conception of the organism as a being well separated from the environment can be replaced by the vision of openness and transparency of the individuals existing in a state of permanent exchange or interdependence actually. Moreover, the presumption is corroborated that in our organism as well as in the environment, in addition to electromagnetic fields there are probably existing further largely unknown and immeasurable fields as they were already proposed by Carl Huter. This German anthropologist assumed in the year of 1904 already, that all living existence is based on radiation, and as a vision he saw the light controlling and coordinating all processes in the living cell. Brilliantly, he postulated that matter consisted not only of the two qualities of static (magnetic force in the atomic nucleus) and dynamic energy (electrical power in the electron sheath of the atomic model ), but also carried a spiritual energy. As a hypothesis, he positioned this “sensitive energy” as an elementary power into the physical matter, and according to his opinion this energy evolved into an increasing consciousness, developing from elementary particles via atoms and molecules up to the vital force of the living cell. With his hypothesis of the “sensitive energy” as a third elementary power besides the static and dynamic energy, a door was opened to the “subtle fields” as proposed by Albert Einstein. Also the energy of life “Chi” in the Chinese medical science and acupuncture belongs to this area. Similar views are found in all medical traditions of the cultures all over the world. Also the occidental medicine, from Hippokrates, the Greek founder of medical science, up to the romantic period of the early 19th century, acted on the assumption of the existence of such a vital force, and it was thought to be the principal duty of medical practitioners to support the modulating and healing power of it. The radiation of bio photons seems to be strongly coupled with this vital force of all creatures and represents its content of high-grade energy and potential information as a physical quantity to be measured.

Buy Natural Healing Tools Violet Glass here:  

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Even the healthiest of diets sometimes needs a bit of supplementation...

Daily we find people who complain of bowel trouble. Many people have colons with the problems pictured below. In fact, government statistics state that 50% of all people over the age of 60 have diverticulosis - a condition where pockets form from the walls of the colon (see diverticula, below).

 As to the relation of Nutrition to the entire alimentary canal we quote from three lectures on Nutrition and National Health by Major General Sir Robert McCarrison, C.I.E., M.D., D.Sc., LL.D., F.R.C.P., who completed 34 years of research work, in India, on Nutrition and Health. (As reported on pages 194 and 195 of "The Medical Octopus," by John Preston Sutherland, M.D., D.Sc., Dean Emeritus and for twenty years Professor of Theory and Practice, Boston University School of Medicine.)

On page 2 Dr. McCarrison states:

"The root of the whole matter of food and nutrition is the nourishment of the cell, whether it be of bone, epithelium, muscle, gland, nerve or special sense. The inevitable consequence of its faulty nourishment is depreciation of its structure and functions - the foundation upon which a vast edifice of disease is built."
On page 3 he says:
"Certain it is that no synthetic diet that I have been able to devise has equaled in health-sustaining qualities, one composed of the fresh food-stuffs as nature provides them."
And on page 6:
"The alimentary tract is very prone to suffer both structurally and functionally inconsequence of faulty food and to become the prey of pathogenic agents of disease or the harbourer of parasites."
...."Indeed, there is, perhaps, no more significant fact in regard to the function of nutrition than that this highly specialized alimentary mechanism on which the nourishment of the body depends is itself amongst the most susceptible of the structures of the body to faulty nutrition."
It must be recognized that faulty colonic conditions may occur because of a medical condition, which thus requires attention of a doctor. Naturally, if any serious situation is suspected, your doctor should be consulted promptly. We are concerned here with the colonic conditions that can be helped nutritionally. In this regard, although the experts would undoubtedly agree on the importance of good nutrition to the structure and function of the alimentary tract, some of them would differ, however, as to the degree of importance which should be attached to it.

While faulty nutrition may be a cause of bad colonic conditions, we believe, nevertheless, that in many cases, neither a food supplement nor drugs nor medicines are the only immediate solution for such conditions. No food supplement should be sold under such a supposition.

Compare the above colons with the normal colon on the bottom right of picture group and you'll be convinced of the desirability of using mechanical and physical means of helping the colon before you can expect any results from a feeding regime or supplements of any kind.

It takes time to nutritionally rebuild muscle tone, tissue tonicity, and resilience in a bowel as in any organ of the body but such a colon also can use help NOW while its muscle tone and peristaltic movement are being helped by better nutrition. When wrong diet contributes to an unsatisfactory condition, then the diet must be changed. LIVE VITAL FOODS of a soft nature and a NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT should help rebuild a better tone, but until this can be accomplished, we recommend Springreen #77 Detoxificant and Springreen #79 Intestinal Cleanser as invaluable. Together these products may be taken as a Daily Maintenance Program.

Both these items work physically and not chemically. The Springreen #79 Intestinal Cleanser gives slippery adhesive bulk to help loosen and dig out old, congested, and solidified fecal matter. The Springreen #77 Detoxificant is valuable in attracting and eliminating positively charged toxic acid debris contained in the intestine and bowel.*

Give your body a chance to clean out the debris before and during your building program. Follow instructions on the label of the Springreen #79 Intestinal Cleanser and use the Springreen #77 Detoxificant at least five times daily two hours apart for the first week then three times daily until a definite change for the better is indicated. Don't take a food supplement alone and expect the impossible. You wouldn't ask a man to do the job of a jackhammer. Don't try to do a pick and shovel job with a teaspoon.

Everyone doesn't have bad colons, but everyone can benefit from a good clean out.

* Since Bentonite, the main ingredient in Springreen #77 Detoxficant, has such strong adsorptive powers, its consumption could render unavailable some of the necessary nutrients, as certain vitamins, by adsorbing them from the alimentary canal. However, independent experiments purposely designed to find out how much this adsorption would adversely affect the growth and health of experimental animals indicated no ill effects when the intake of Bentonite was 25% of the total diet, but did adversely affect the health when the intake of Bentonite was increased to 50% of the total diet (from Annals of the N.Y. Academy of Science Vol. 57 page 678, May 10, 1954). Since our product is mostly water with only a small proportion of Bentonite, to reach this state of toxicity it would mean projecting the results of this experiment so that a person would have to consume each day a supply designed for 1,032 days. In other words, mathematically for the Bentonite in our product to reach the toxic level of 50% of the diet, it would be necessary to consume a 3-year supply each day over an extended period.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Dr Magda Havas: ABC Catalyst Wi-Fried Documentary, Australia

Open Letter re: ABC Catalyst Wi-Fried Documentary, Australia.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.36.10 AMJuly 5, 2016.  I recently learned that Wi-Fried, produced by Maryanne Demasi and aired on ABC, Catalyst in Australia, has been removed from public viewing.

As a scientist who does research in this area I find this documentary to be among the best I’ve watched so far.  It raises awareness and shares concerns that scientists and medical doctors have about our rapid expansion of wireless technology and exposure to radiofrequency (RF) and microwave (MW) radiation.  Well-respected experts in the field were interviewed and the information provided was accurate.  Multiple sides of the issue were expressed, which is the norm in “balanced” reporting.

Reporters and documentary makers should not shy away from controversial issues.  Indeed some of the best documentaries are controversial.  The fact that “not all scientists” agree that “radiofrequency radiation is harmful below guidelines” is not novel and should not be used as the reason to remove this documentary from public viewing.

The weight of evidence (as applied in science rather than a court of law) is a highly robust assessment and the weight of evidence clearly indicates that RFR is harmful at levels below international guidelines.  There is nothing “unorthodox” about this perspective.  Indeed, thousands of scientific papers have been published documenting that RF/MW radiation causes cancer, damages sperm, and contributes to symptoms of electrohypersensitivity at levels well below those deemed to be “safe” in Australia.  Mechanisms include–but are not limited to–abnormal calcium flux from cells, increased permeability of the blood brain barrier, increased histamines and cortisol (short-term), increased stress proteins, DNA damage, increased oxidative stress, decreased neurotransmitters, decreased hormones and impaired repair mechanisms.

Some “disagreements” about agents that may be harmful to the environment or human health are manufactured by the very industry that gains financially from the sale of these agents, and the wireless industry is no different.  Several examples of tobacco and asbestos were provided in the documentary and there are many more from lead to mercury to DDT to acid rain to climate change.  The more powerful the naysayers the more important it is to have these documentaries aired.

Even the wireless industry states that the devices should not be kept on the body and government agencies in many countries are providing information on how to minimize exposure to radiofrequency radiation.  School Boards that were early adopters are removing Wi-Fi from schools.  Guidelines for RFR range orders of magnitude in different countries, which indicates that the thermal guideline (used in Australia and Canada, Britain and the United States) is not the only guideline recognized by governments.

Since this documentary aired, the National Toxicology Program in the United States released part of their $25 million rat study (May 2016), which reported an increase in two types of tumors in male rats that are similar to tumors reported in people who use cell phones, providing additional support for the link between RF exposure and cancers.

Few people realize that this is the second multi-million dollar rat study conducted in the U.S.  The first (Chou et al. 1992), conducted by the U.S. Air Force, showed an increase in primary and metastatic tumors indicating cancer causation at 2.4 GHz (same frequencies used in Wi-Fi).

The two most common exposures and the ones increasing most rapidly in the environment are from cell phone radiation (and cell towers) and Wi-Fi routers (and similar devices that use 2.4 GHz frequencies) and these were the key exposures presented in Wi-Fried.

I expect ABC is aware of the International EMF Scientist Appeal, signed by more than 220 doctors and scientist from more than 40 countries.  All of the signatories to this Appeal have published peer reviewed scientific papers in this field.  The Appeal was sent to the World Health Organization and the United Nations June 2015.  This is not a trivial matter as most scientists are conservative and are seldom willing to sign appeals and petitions.  And this Appeal follows almost two-dozen similar appeals and petitions to government agencies since 2000.

Clearly vested interest groups want the Wi-Fried documentary removed.  However, removal is a form of censorship and censorship in a democratic country is a serious issue.

Trust that wisdom and courage will prevail at ABC and the documentary will be returned to public viewing and that ABC will stand behind Maryanne Demasi, the producer of this documentary, who should be congratulated rather than criticized.

Don’t kill the messenger because it will set a bad example and will erode the credibility of ABC and other broadcasters.

Respectfully submitted,
Magda Havas, B.Sc., Ph.D.
School of the Environment,
Trent University,
Peterborough, ON, Canada

Managing Director, ABC TV, Ms Michelle Guthrie, guthrie.michelle@abc.net.au
Chair of ABC, Mr James Spigelman, spigelman.james@abc.net.au
Director of TV, Mr Richard Finlayson, finlayson.richard@abc.net.au
Head of Factual, Mr Steve Bibb, bibb.steve@abc.net.au
Series Producer Catalyst Ms Ingrid Arnott, arnott.ingrid@abc.net.au

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sick by Your Smart Meter?

(EMF Safety Network)  All around the world people are reporting wireless radiation is affecting their health. We’ve collected many smart meter health complaints and posted them here. Utilities claim smart meters are safe, and compare them to cell phones. However cell phones, cell towers, wi-fi and other wireless devices can also affect your health!  Reducing your EMF exposure can benefit your overall health and wellness.  Learn more about how to reduce EMF’s, and sign up for monthly email updates to stay informed! 

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies wireless radiation as a 2B carcinogen, based on studies linking cell phone radiation to brain tumors!

List of symptoms:

  • Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)
  • Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability
  • Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head
  • Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing
  • Concentration, memory or learning problems
  • Fatigue, muscle or physical weakness
  • Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems
  • Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes,
  • Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain
  • Leg cramps, or neuropathy
  • Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains
  • Nausea, flu-like symptoms
  • Sinus problems, nose bleeds
  • Respiratory problems, cough, asthma
  • Skin rashes, facial flushing
  • Urinary problems
  • Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Hyperactivity or changes in children’s behavior
  • Seizures
  • Recurrence of cancer

Taken from EMF Safety Network Survey 2011
Symptoms after Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation By Dr. Ron Powell

Thursday, July 28, 2016


By V. E. Irons, A.B. (Yale, 1919) 

Orthodox View - The Case AGAINST Enzymes and Raw Foods

The role of enzymes in the food for both man and animals all too frequently has been a neglected subject scientifically, so far as nutrition is concerned. For example, in 1952 before eight witnesses, Dr. Elmer Nelson, one time chief medical consultant of the FDA stated that, in his opinion, a person could live from birth to a ripe old age just as well on all cooked foods where the enzymes have been killed, as he could on all raw or a mixture of cooked and raw foods.

It has been established by some so-called experts that whole grains contain an insoluble substance known as PHYTIN, which inhibits the assimilation of calcium. Many experiments have been performed which demonstrate that some animals die more quickly on whole grains than on white flour because this insoluble phytin prevents the assimilation of the calcium in the whole grain, thus causing rickets in the animal. This occurs despite the fact that the whole grain has four times as much calcium and phosphorus as the white flour. The food processors, refiners, and certain persons in the FDA have seized upon these experiments, stating that "there is no evidence to indicate that white flour isn´t just as good as a food and just as nutritious as whole wheat flour."

Nature´s View – The Case FOR Enzymes and Raw Foods

The inability of pasteurized milk to afford assimilable calcium is no doubt based on loss of phosphatase enzymes through heat treatment. Those who say there is no evidence for the need of enzymes in food should explain why Mother Nature put half a dozen or more in milk. Dr. F. Pottenger showed, in his celebrated cat experiments, that calcium was not properly delivered to bones and teeth if the animals were fed pasteurized milk, and that condensed milk was even worse. His cats developed pyorrhea and arthritis very quickly - and became sterile within three generations. The control group of cats that were fed raw milk lived healthy, undisturbed lives - generation after generation. It is very significant that experiments with human subjects showed that even on starvation diets, they had no pyorrhea or arthritis, and practically no tooth decay when they used a minimum of cooked foods.

In animal feeding, it has been recognized for years that exogenous enzymes (from the intestinal flora) are important in the digestion of cellulose. In 1949, Mellanby et al. of London established, with animal experiments over five generations, that the phytin combination (of phosphoric acid, magnesium, and calcium) of the whole grain unbleached flour is broken down into an assimilable form by enzymatic action. This occurs when lukewarm water is added to the whole unbleached flour during the yeast rising period, or by the action of the phytase (phosphatase) enzymes of the unbleached whole grain during digestion.

Perhaps as an outgrowth of Edward Mellanby´s experiments - which proved the need for soaking cereal grains in advance so the enzymatic action could break up the phytin into its soluble component parts - several scientists in the Department of Poultry Science at the State College of Washington performed experiments comparing the nutritive value of native barley soaked 7 hours against the nutritive value of imported corn. These experiments established the fact that the enzymatic action is sufficient after 7 hours to enable the animals to utilize the barley ingredients with better overall results than when fed the corn.

THE IMPORTANT POINTS, THEREFORE, ARE: First, that the whole grain must not be bleached, for bleaching kills the enzymes. Second, that the whole unbleached grain should be soaked in water for a substantial period (7 hours) before baking to permit time for the phytase (phosphatase) enzymes to break up the phytin so as to release the phosphates for combining with the abundance of calcium found in the whole grain. Thus, we find that bread made as MY GRANDMOTHER made it, by letting the unbleached whole grain flour soak overnight, produced a food which, though cooked, was just as good as other foods are when eaten raw because the enzymatic action HAD done its job before heat was applied.

NOTE: Soaking grains to make nutrients more available may not be necessary for optimally nourished people, such as the Hunzas who consume highly mineralized diets of quality foods. However, where food quality is questionable, or the intake of minerals is minimal, particular attention should be given to this method of preparing grains. Special attention should be given to grain preparations for the elderly, who may assimilate nutrients less efficiently, for the young; and for those whom grains constitute the major dietary staple.