Thursday, May 5, 2016

Got Sore Muscles?

As the weather gets increasingly nice, so do the sports injuries! The WelAide heating pads are especially designed for cramps, muscle aches and pains in the back, neck, knees... 

WelAide heating pade utilize natural negative ions and far infrared from jade stones. This allows WelAide's pads to be more effective than traditional heating pads.

Negative ions have been known to help provide a sense of ease and calmness.

Every pad incorporates high quality, natural jade stones to help optimize the therapeutic results from the heat. When jade stone are heated, they emit long wave far infrared energy which is able to penetrate the body up to three inches deep. This allows the heat from WelAide pads to penetrate deep below the skin's surface for a more uniform heating experience.

Available in Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large!  

Monday, May 2, 2016

Landscaping: The Edible Backyard

Take a step outside and focus your attention on your landscape. Really look at. What do you see? There are colors; many, many colors. There are also tons of textures and shapes dappled within the staggering rows of perennials and in the masses of lush shrubs. There is also wildlife. Lots of wildlife; birds, squirrels, rabbits and possibly deer.

Are you missing anything? Chances are you are missing perhaps the most underappreciated aspect of the modern day landscape. The edible backyard. There are so many trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals that are both quite tasty and beautiful additions to your landscape. “Double threat plants” as I call them, are quietly lurking in your everyday backyard, are just waiting to be utilized by you and your family. If you don’t possess any edible plants yet, there are many appealing plants you can incorporate into your landscape.

There are the obvious choices like fruit trees or grape vines. 

One to try is the Serviceberry. It puts on a beautiful show of white flowers, followed by some of the most delicious berries you will ever eat. You must be quick though as the birds will make short work of the tree as soon as the fruits are ripe.

The underutilized walnut and less common pecan tree are also great shade providers in addition to their nut providing benefits. The Paw-Paw tree produces the largest native fruit in North America. Find a good sheltered spot and this tree will not disappoint.

In the shrub department, the chokeberry (make sure you know when to pick and how to process) is both beautiful and useful when it produces its tight clusters of dark purple berries throughout the summer. Again, you will have to fight the birds for your share in to harvest, but it will be well worth it.  The stunning serviceberry I referred to above also has a shrub like variety for those of you with space constrictions. Last but not least is the fragrant rosemary shrub. Its strong woody stature and thin leaves make this culinary herb a no brainer.

There are tons of fun perennials and annuals you can incorporate into your beds. From the colorful foliage of rhubarb and swiss-chard, to an intriguing head of kale, many garden herbs and vegetables will make a strong, beautiful stance in any landscape. A couple of my personal favorites are common kitchen herbs; chives and dill. Both of these perennial herbs create beautiful displays of delicate flowers among-st the swanky edible foliage.

Another planting option that is always fun is a "tea steeping" garden. Plant anything that can be made into tea. Borage, camomile, mint (spreads like a weed!), lavendar, and the list goes on.

There are two things that are certain when keeping a landscape: first, the landscape will require time and effort to maintain, and second, the landscape will bring happiness and ease to anyone around it. What better way to maintain and enjoy your landscape than to utilize it as your personal, health garden.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Cell Phone EMF Tips

The radiation produced by cell phones has been linked with everything from headaches, fatigue and dizziness to brain cancer, eye tumors and memory loss. Here are 5 easy steps you can take – starting right now – to protect yourself and your family from this silent, potentially deadly danger.

Warning: Radiation increases when the signal is weak. The further a phone is from its tower, the weaker the signal . When handling a weak signal, the phone increases power to a maximum producing more radiation. If you struggle to get a signal, show low reception bars, or tend to drop calls in a certain area (common in elevators, subways, basements, and other enclosed spaces), the call may still connect but you could be irradiating yourself and those around you.

Caution: Using an earpiece or Bluetooth not always the answer. There’s a big push, mainly by driving-safety advocates, to use earpieces with cell phones. Although these devices leave your hands-free, some headsets may concentrate and channel radiation directly through the ear canal into your brain. A Bluetooth wireless headset combined with the phone can exceed even the current inadequate safety limits. When on a cell phone, use the speakerphone or a wired earpiece.
Warning: Wearing your phone like a beeper. If your phone is turned on and worn on your belt or in a pocket you could be receiving a constant blast of radiation from the battery pack (which usually is against your body). Another blast occurs when you receive a call. Smart phones can generate more EMF's than older "dumb" cell phones (See EWG's Guide to Safer Cell Phone Use). Because electromagnetic field exposure diminishes rapidly beyond 3 feet those around you can also be impacted.

Wearing your cell phone on your belt also takes into danger reproductive organs. For men, there have been studies linking EMF radiation to lower sperm count. It’s okay to carry it on you if the device is in "flight" or "off-line" mode. A better place for your cell is in your purse or briefcase.

Think distance! Another safety tip: If you can't be on speaker phone, switch which side of the head you use your phone on from call to call so you spread out exposure.

Minimize your talk time – and try to eliminate any calls over 20 minutes.
Scientists have no idea how long you can safely talk on a cell phone. And side effects such as headaches and dizziness have been observed after calls as short as two minutes.

Do not let your children use cell phones. Because their skulls are thinner and smaller, children absorb much greater amounts of radiation than mobile-phone-using adults do. Plus, they’re at greater risk of developing serious side effects because their cumulative lifetime exposure will be greater.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Shuzi Comfort Band with NVT

Made from nylon, the SHUZI Sports Band is perfect bracelet for the active person. SHUZI Sports Bands are water friendly and can be worn 24/7 in or out of the water, sand and snow.

Every SHUZI product is embedded with our proprietary Nano Vibration Technology chip (NVT), which is constructed with a special alloy and plated with gold. Each chip is engraved with the authentic SHUZI logo and is programmed to vibrate at a healthy cellular level. When brought into range of your own biofield, SHUZI's subtle energy is adopted by your body and cells are helped to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Available in XXS/XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL 
Width: 7mm
Thickness: 2.5mm

Bracelet Length: (inches)

XX Small 6.7”
Extra Small 7.0”
Small 7.8”
Medium 8.2”
Large 8.5”
Extra Large 9.0”
XX Large 9.4”

Shuzi Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shuzi Logo Black for Men (SS)

Stylish classic look crafted from stainless steel and polished. This pendant has dimensions of approximately 1.15 inches wide and .85 inches tall. (Slightly taller than a penny and about 1.5 times wider than a penny). Chain Included

Width: 29mm /1.1inch
Height: 22mm /0.8inch
Thickness: 2.9mm /0.1inch
Weight: 11g /0.4oz

Shuzi Frequently Asked Questions

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

EMF Vehicle Adapter

Protect Yourself from Harmful Electromagnetic Fields in Your Vehicle
The Vehicle Plug uses your car’s electric circuity to clear and protect you from harmful electromagnetic fields when you are on the road.

Effective in clearing, re-energizing and balancing energies for EMF protection in up to a nine–foot radius. Because it addresses a limited area, the clearing starts immediately. Can be used in its clear pouch or taken out of the pouch and transferred to different areas. Commonly placed on the base of computer monitors, workspace surfaces, in cars below the dashboard where toxic EMF are the strongest. Carry the Vehicle Plug in your car (not recommended on your person for long periods of time - for personal EMF protection try the Vitaplex). Note that when it’s removed from an area, that area will likely return to its original incoherent state. Self energizing; does not require charging.

Balance the energy in the spaces where you spend the most time
  • Clears computer stations and laptops from harmful EMF emissions
  • Transforms EMF in work areas with electrical appliances
  • Neutralizes the interiors of cars and other passenger vehicles
  • Perfect for travel
  • Clears sleeping areas
  • Provides protection on planes
  • Extra EMF protection in a nursery
  • Extra small area EMF protection from a Smart Meter
  • Clean energy enhances productivity, concentration and well–being
  • Helps prevent EMF energy drain during work hours and commutes
Explanation of How EMF's can Harm You
Everything electrical from your microwave, television, car, cell phone, alarm clock, and especially your computers emits electromagnetic radiation waves.

Measured in Hertz (Hz), electromagnetic radiation is arranged in a spectrum. The healthy human body resonates with the earths magnetic field at just under 10 Hz. Naturally occurring electromagnetic fields don't significantly alter the body's innate electromagnetic balance.

As Hertz increase, the biological stress inflicted on the human body increases, too. As you move up the spectrum, the link between electromagnetic fields (EMF) and damage to the human body grows stronger. Our bodies are extraordinarily sensitive to electromagnetic wave energies. The 60-Hz electrical power lines that supply our electrical appliances have been scientifically proven to cause biological stress and are linked to dozens of health problems. And cell phones operate at frequencies millions of times higher than power lines.

The types of radiation Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) and even microwave frequency (MF) are on the low end of the spectrum. Unlike radiation at the high end (gamma rays, x-ray and ultraviolet light), radiation at the low end doesn't have enough energy to destroy atoms. But it can agitate them. While electrical fields can easily be shielded, magnetic fields penetrate concrete, steel and human bodies. The entirety of a magnetic field will enter the body.

Agitation that occurs form microwave frequencies can be extremely destructive. The vibration causes friction, which in turn causes cells to heat up. Cell phones in particular are dangerous because they operate in the microwave frequency range.

The same phenomenon that enables a microwave to cook a chicken breast straight through can also occur within your body. Only rather than dinner, you're cooking your brain, your cheek, your nose anything within a few inches of your cell phone.

Personal Space Protection ~ You'll be astounded at how well it clears toxic electromagnetic fields (EMF) from your personal work areas; Clears and protects a spherical area with a 9 foot radius.

You'll be astounded at how well it clears toxic electromagnetic fields from your personal work areas in an office, at your computer or even in your car. It offers ideal protection in small work areas. It will help keep you crystal clear of harmful electromagnetic fields and other detrimental energies.

Automobiles, planes, buses, trains and motorcycles are recognized as powerful generators and receivers of electromagnetic pollution. Placing a Personal EMF Space Protection Safe Space 2 device on the dashboard will keep the driver and passengers alert protecting you and your loved ones from these harmful, EMF destructive waves.

For more info about EMF Vehicle Adapter.

Breaking the Fast

When you’re breaking a fast, you need to be very careful as you might overburden your digestive tract. You will only reap the benefits of a fast after breaking it in the right manner. When you take it easy and slow, you will allow your body to get the chance to integrate new clarity and a better relation with the food. 

When you’re fasting, your body goes through some biological changes where enzymes that are produced in your digestive tract are produced no more or have been lowered in levels with regard to the fast you’re taking. When you are breaking the fast, you need to start taking small portions of food to allow your system re-establish its normal functions.
The mucus protecting the lining of your stomach might also have been lesser which makes your stomach walls vulnerable to irritation. You need t start by eating small portions of food and eat food that is easy to digest. Avoid coffee and spicy foods as you break your fast. 

How you should plan for your fast breaking period

You need to come up with a time-frame program of how you will break the fast. The length you took your fast should determine the time you are to take when breaking the fast. 

If you took a fat of about a week, you should set aside 3 days to break the fast. On the first day, take fruit juice and broth alone. Depending on how the first day will feel you can continue to other kinds of food for the next two days then resume to your normal eating routine. 

For a fast that took more than a week, you can have four days for breaking the fast. One the first days, go for light foods then move to heavier meals depending on how you feel.

If your fast was for only a day, you just need a day or two to recover from the fast. Your digestive system will not have a hard time recovering from the fast. 

What kinds of foods should you take while breaking from a fast?

It all depends on the kind of fast you were taking. Fruits might be good for breaking a water-fast but they might not be good when breaking a juice or fruit fast. 

This list of the foods you are to take when breaking a fast will go a long way in getting back on track after a fast. 

  1. Bone broth
  2.  Unsweetened Yogurt
  3.  Cooked grains
  4.  Vegetables that are raw
  5.  Vegetable soup and steamed Vegetables
  6. No- cultured milk products
  7. Raw fruits 
  8. Vegetable and fruit juice


With any fast (or detox), take special care to work with your health care professional.
If you have been using our Springreen 7 Day Detox Kit, these products have assisted supporting your vital organs. You may choose to continue taking maintenance doses of these products between fasts.

To continue to read more go to Breaking the Fast

Diabetis now affects 1 of every 11 adults around the world

... this according to the World Health Organization.

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