Friday, October 2, 2015

Subtle Energy Tools

The P.e.bal stands for Pyramid Energy BALancer. This is a powerful balancing device for your home or office. The benefits for those living within its range for EMF protection and subtle energies is special.

The P.e.Bal uses a combination of Wilhelm Reich's energy moving technology (orgone), vortex technology (energy spinning), and programmed crystals (the balancing component).

The P.e.bal and Ki Bal are encapsulated in a pyramid that adds the additional power of pyramid geometry.

The Ki Bal is a mini p.e.bal with a very powerful kick. New technology and embedded scalar waves in the solfeggio frequencies has made it powerful enough to protect you whether you are in your home, car or work. Designed as a key ring it ensures that whenever and where ever you have your keys you are protected from EMF and all unbalanced energy.

If you are practicing crystal work, and/or understanding their individual properties, you may customize the energy signature by placing your own crystals near the P.e.bal Pyramid or ad to the Ki Bal keyring, where they will be included in its energy field.

Both the P.e.Bal and the Ki-bal are imported. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getting Ready for Winter

Starting to cool off but that doesn't mean we can stop paying attention to our skin. Most people do cover up and wear sunblock on hot summer days, but it is just as important to protect yourself in the fall and winter months.

Sun Protection – Everyone carries a bottle of sunscreen with them in their beach bag, but not many people lather up on cold and wintery days. However, protecting your skin from the sun is vital at any time of the year, even in the winter. While UVB rays from the sun peak during summer heat, UVA rays, which are just as capable of causing a sunburn, are as prevalent in the winter as they are in the summer. Furthermore, snow reflects the sun’s rays, which can lead to a major sunburn; this is not a surprise for many skiers who often come back from the slopes extremely sunburned. Both ultraviolet rays can not only cause your skin to look older, breaking down collagen, but can also cause wrinkles, freckles sunspots, and can lead to skin cancer. To protect your skin from the sun, apply sunblock of at least 30 SPF, and wear a hat and sunglasses.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – It is extremely important to moisturize the skin during winter. Skin reacts to the lack of moisture in the air in heated offices and homes. Winds will peel the skin’s layers and remove its natural oils, which will cause more damage the already dry skin. To counteract the dry skin, as well as any unexpected fall or winter sunburns, skin should be moisturized with Aloe Vera. Dr. Willard’s Aloe Gel is a great solution to care for the skin all year long, as it contains natural ingredients, as well as the Willard Water® patented catalyst. This product can restore moisture to the skin after exposure to the most severe temperatures.

Wear Gloves – Just as your face can get dry during the colder months, so do your hands. Since the skin on the hands is thinner than on other body parts, as well as having less oil glands, the moisture is more difficult to contain, leading to itchy and extremely sensitive hands.

A great tip to protect your hands is to wear gloves when the temperatures drop; however make sure to take off wet gloves immediately, as they may lead to even more dryness. When you come inside, slip the gloves off and apply a moisturizer. Wearing thin cotton gloves for an hour after applying moisturizer to the hands will also work to lock in the lotion, boosting its effect.

Invest in a Humidifier – Cold and dry air is an enemy to the skin, sucking the moisture out, and causing the skin to dry, crack, flake and age faster. Humidifiers are worth the investment by increasing humidity levels and restoring moisture in the air. This returns moisture not only to your furniture but to your skin.

Skin Scrub and Masks – A great scrub can eliminate dry patches on rough skin, especially on the elbows and knees. There are a variety of scrubs and masks available but our favorite is the Episilk Moisture mask.

Homemade scrub: contains only two ingredients - honey and coarse sugar. Mixing the two in a small container, and then rubbing it into the skin in a circular motion can not only remove dry skin build-ups, but also improve circulation in the skin. Do not use on face until you have tested on other parts of the body.

Remember that your skin is the largest organ you have, and one that deserves attention at all times of the year. When the weather turns cooler, there are certain routines that are vital to keep your skin looking healthy, vibrant and young.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Too late to garden? Maybe not....

Gardening doesn't have to stop - and in many places, a second cool crop naturally takes
place. Now is a time to try a cold frame garden or a raised bed to test if your area - and green thumb - can handle a cold weather garden. 


It’s usually a lighter workload for you. Weeds don’t require as much attention or effort to pull since it’s harder for them to grow while the days remain shorter in length, there are fewer pests and diseases, and the sun’s intensity isn’t as powerful.

Gardens also require less watering during this time because the soil seems to hold water more efficiently, and for longer periods. More importantly, temperatures in the summer are sometimes so scathing that this growth period is the only time in which you can actually grow fragile crops like lettuce, broccoli, and spinach.


The winter season in warm climates has the same beginnings as anywhere else during its growing season – you start out by prepping a clean slate. Turn that soil, remove those weeds, add this compost; treat the process like you would any other. Organic fertilizer is best used after you’ve properly prepared the soil, right at or right after initial planting time. A solid foundation will set the tone for the rest of the season, which means it’s paramount that we start things off correctly.

Now that we’ve got our initial preparations out of the way, check your zone. Consult your local garden center or extension office. Even though winters are mild in many regions, certain plants will grow better than others. This means that we’re better off growing cooler temperature crops, including certain types of greens like arugula, spinach, lettuce, Swiss chard, mustard, kale, and thrives. Root crops are also an option. Beets, radishes, onions, and carrots can grow without fear of being roasted in the hot soils of the summer sun. If you’re a fan of cauliflower you’re in luck – it, along with broccoli, cabbage, peas, and fava beans, can all flourish.

This is also the time to plant winter over crops like garlic and ginseng.

Once these crops are firmly in the ground and fertilized, it’s smooth sailing. Besides the occasional weeding and watering session (which you don’t need to do often, especially during this particular season), gardens are very low maintenance. Mulching is an appropriate next step in almost all scenarios, the one exception being if you reside in a location that receives a hefty amount of rainfall (think Pacific Northwest.) Mulching normally keeps good things from escaping the soil, but it can become soggy and attract the wrong kinds of pests in rainy areas; before long, rot will set in and plants will die off.

In order for your crops to get the most out of the soil, we recommend using Dr. Willard’s PlantCatalyst. Not only does it allow for greater intake of nutrients, it helps water absorption and flushes out the byproducts of some of the plant processes. Another great thing about PlantCatalyst is it’s just as low maintenance as your other garden chores, especially during the mild winter season. Just add to your water, whether that be in the form of a spray or anything else, and apply periodically – it’s really that simple.


Barring any extreme cases of frost, which is unlikely due to the location, most of these crops can be harvested as needed throughout the season. Spinach and lettuce are two great examples of plants that can be cut several times only to grow back relatively quickly and repeat the process. Root crops like carrots and beats, on the other hand, are picked and finished until the next season starts.

Like any other gardening effort, test and try what works best for you. A quick package of lettuce can give off a quick couple of salads before the heavy frost hits!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Exposed to EMF? Here's How to Detox EMF

At Natural Healing Tools we get calls about EMF symptoms and how to protect from EMF waves. 


Related Symptoms of Radiation Toxicity

Anxiety, hysteria, insatiable hunger, dizziness and vertigo, rheumatic pains, hearing problems, complete exhaustion, extreme tiredness, mood swings, hot and cold flashes, gastric distress, migraine headaches, memory loss, flu like symptoms, nausea, suppressed immune system, low red and white blood cell counts, infertility, and more. 


Sources of Radiation and EMF

First we suggest that reducing exposure by eliminating the sources or adding distance between yourself and the source. 

Electromagnetic waves (EMF) is present everywhere and we are exposed daily to it in our technical world and in our atmosphere. Laptops, microwaves, cell phones, computers, most electronics, industrial pollution, nuclear plants (Fukushima fall out, for example), x-rays, chemotherapy, irradiated foods, nuclear warfare, military grade weapons (depleted uranium shells, etc…) are examples of sources for radiation and EMF.

Unfortunately with the explosion of mobile electronics - smart phones, ipads, laptops - this is harder to accomplish than it sounds. 

So, to detox the body of EMF there are two products at Natural Healing Tools you can use before or during the introduction of EMF protection products.


Clay Bath for Radiation and EMF Detox

LL Magnetic Clay Radiation Bath Clay Detox can be used as either a full bath, foot bath or as a clay pack. 

The drawing nature of clay is powerful to draw out the detoxificants in the body. Impurities are especially easy to draw through the feet. So if you aren't interested in a full body bath, the full instructions for a foot bath are also included.  

 Full instructions is located here. 


Homeopathic Oral Remedy for EMF Detox

Detoxifies the body and temporarily relieves symptoms of electromagnetic (EMF) radiation, such as:
  •  Recurring fatigue
  •  Disturbed sleep
  •  Frequent headaches
  •  Mental confusion
  •  Nausea Detox
EMF counteracts the ill effects of radiation from computers, cell phones, television sets, power lines, household appliances, etc. Detox EMF restores mental and physical vitality, as well as clears the mind, relieves nausea and irritability. This homeopathic remedy detoxifies the body by stimulating the principal organs of elimination: the liver, kidneys, and bladder.

This is a one month detox. Suggested use: one month detox while introducing EMF protection products. Repeat as necessary. If exposed regularly to high levels of EMF waves or hyper EMF sensitive, consider using periodically or on an ongoing basis.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Pain Management Systems

The calls we receive at Natural Healing Tools are varied and many times specific. The general conclusion we come away with is - the human body is a complex set of systems that require maintenance, symptom control and medical intervention. 

One reason we opened Natural Healing Tools in 2002 was to answer the need of the narrowest and hardest to find products to help with the maintenance and symptom control.

A very hard to find item is a therapy boot for the foot. One that encompasses the entire foot and can deliver either a hot or a cold therapy. This boot was designed for diabetic patient circulation but other circulation or foot issues indicate its use. The Aqua Relief System has a full foot boot for either single or double, knee, hand, shoulder/neck and universal pads. 

The Aqua Relief System can deliver cold or hot - but it has a one hour timer. The Arctic Ice System can be set for a long therapy session and just needs cold water and ice to refresh the longer session. 

The therapy pads are available for individual sale (here), so the unit can be used for multiple people and/or conditions. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

From Organic Whole Foods and Herbs

Cell Protector was designed to contain a full range of the highest quality, most powerful cellular superfoods and botanicals on the planet—combined for the first time into a single, easy to take formula. The magnitude of researched ingredients is truly unprecedented. The 20+ unique ingredients in Cell Protector are created exclusively under Synergy‘s control, each grown in their native environment under pristine, organic conditions. Every one of the ingredients has been researched, tested and proven to fully contain the active, cell-protective compounds supported by advanced nutritional science—and are many times more potent than similar sounding ingredients in other products on the market today.
  • Organic Cruciferous Sprout Protectors: Our very own exclusive and proprietary blend of enzymatically active cruciferous sprouts to activate cellular detoxification and promote healthy cell protection. Rich in the highly researched glucosinolates and myrosinase enzyme, these sprouts are full of vitality and of the highest potency and purity.
  • Organic Concentrated Herbal Protectors: Our highly concentrated, verified pure extracts of turmeric, milk thistle, pomegranate, schizandra, and ginger are each full of life force and true powerhouses when it comes to healthy cell, DNA and liver function.
  • Organic Superfood Protectors: The highly researched and renowned cellular superfoods watercress, wasabi, caper berries, cilantro, and sprouted garlic make up this extraordinary blend. Each is uniquely grown and processed to retain unparalleled levels of their protective compounds.
  • Organic Live Juice Protectors: Vital, energized, pure juices from the time-honored herbs artichoke, dandelion and black radish nourish, strengthen, and restore your liver to support your body’s critical detoxification processes.

Protect the integrity, vitality and health of your DNA and cells, and support your lifelong wellness. Ten years in the making, this unprecedented advancement in cell health provides 20+ bioactive, organic whole food nutrients—all created exclusively by The Synergy Company. Cell Protector is your true insurance policy for healthy aging.
  • Supports and protects healthy DNA
  • Reinforces healthy cellular detoxification
  • Nourishes and protects healthy liver function
  • Contains 20+ powerful cellular superfoods
  • Supports glutathione regeneration – our bodies’ master antioxidant
  • Tested & verified levels of bio-active compounds (Glucosinolates, Myrosinase enzyme, Curcuminoids, Silymarin and many more)
  • More complete, balanced and tested than typical “detox” and antioxidant formulas

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Eliminate Muscle Cramping!

Q2O CrampX® is a physician formulated product designed and shown to work within seconds.  Dr.Dempsey has studied and live tested the proprietary formula.  Results have shown the product delivers at a 95% effective rate.  Q2O CrampX® not only relieves leg and muscle cramps,  but can address prevention for hours and supplement muscle recovery process.
Did you know, 1 out of 5 people experience leg cramps or know of someone who does.
Millions of Americans suffer from this medical condition and, though we don’t know exactly what causes leg and other types of cramping, there are many recognized contributing factors.  A muscle in your body can tighten at any given time causing a sudden cramp or spasm effect that can be debilitating.  With aging, as our muscles weaken,  more frequent cramping can begin to occur. During athletic performances or when we are engaged in physically demanding activity or work, the likelihood of muscle cramping heightens.  Q2O continues to study how our cells look before, during and after a cramp and use this knowledge during the product formulation process.

What are Leg Cramps?  

Our muscles are what keep us moving, whether it’s eating, walking or talking. Muscle cramping, however, can limit or, sometimes totally prevent our pursuit of that goal. For many years, a Missouri physician has studied and researched an effective combination for cramp prevention ingredients and  formulated a solution.  There have been numerous products over the years but they have fallen well short of the effectiveness of  CrampX® .  
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be a priority says, Dr. Dempsey
Beginning early in Dr. Dempsey’s medical career and leading up to its introduction, CrampX was continually tested on real patients who suffered from this condition.   Since, millions of people have benefited from q2oCrampX® drink .

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dr. Oz Audience Down 50 Percent – So We’re Halfway There

(ACSH, Sept 15, 2015)  Healthcare experts across the nation are weeping in unison over the return of the Dr. Mehmet Oz Show, because it’s beginning its seventh season Monday and neither facts nor ethics can stop it.

The news is not all bad, though. To say his show and reputation have taken a hit, thanks to the American Council on Science and Health spearheading a nationally publicized effort to get him removed from the faculty at Columbia University, would be an understatement. According to Nielsen ratings, The Dr. Oz Show averaged 3.8 million viewers in 2011-2012 but viewership plummeted to 1.8 million for the season that ended in May.

We’re halfway there, people. Only 1.8 million to go! Cue our happy dance again.

We’re dancing because we’ve taken issue with his tactics for years: After becoming “America’s Doctor,” courtesy of Oprah Winfrey’s television show, he transformed himself from a respected cardiac surgeon to a peddler of useless supplements and junk science.  The council’s Dr. Josh Bloom has taken on Oz’s quackery many times. You can read those here.

So when one-time ACSH trustee Dr. Henry Miller, a highly regarded Research Fellow at the Hoover Institute, came up with the idea to write a letter to Dr. Lee Goldman, the Dean of Faculties of Health Science and Medicine at Columbia University, he called on others at the Council and we were happy to help.

The letter, co-signed by a number of prestigious physicians, had three others from the Council, including Dr. Gilbert Ross, our senior director of Medicine and Public Health, and current trustee Dr. Jack Fisher. The letter strongly suggested that Oz be stripped of his privileges at Columbia University and it struck a chord with the scientific community, who had been waiting for someone to finally note the obvious about the harm Oz was doing to public acceptance of science.

What followed was an outpouring of criticism for the show, with hundreds of healthcare experts nationwide speaking out against Oz’s “health miracles.”  Dr. Oz fired back by noting that all of his detractors were in league with well-established science and therefore not to be trusted. An Oz-friendly producer at Good Morning America even crafted a hit piece on us, but while his audience plummeted after that, ours has gone through the roof.

Evidence-based outreach is back in fashion, it seems.

But that wasn’t our first success in getting out the word that his “miracle vegetable” claims had gone too far to be allowed. Let us not forget this little video clip gem.

In June of 2014, Sen. Claire McCaskill summoned Oz to be an expert witness about bogus weight loss and supplement claims. Dr. Oz did not know that he was the one to be scrutinized for the fraudulent claims he has made on his show about supplements like Garcinia Cambogia.

Oz has been trying to piece his reputation back together while on hiatus. He hired a “fact checker” (though it was the anti-science zealot from Consumer Reports, so there’s more work we need to do) and made “Dr.” tiny in his title. He says he has sworn off the questionable diet aids that made him rich.

The upcoming season of The Dr. Oz Show is all about ‘healing thyself’, proclaims Oz. Some of the hard-hitting topics will include:
  • Why your brain craves happiness and mental balance, with Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • Getting things done, with productivity guru David Allen
  • Finding headspace: meditation made easy
  • Cutting through the “busy” to find work/life balance, with Lynette Khalfani-Cox
  • How to unplug to replenish your spirit, with Susan Cain
Not included this season are the more in-depth episodes:
  • Why I lied about miracle weight loss drugs
  • How I got rich from Garcinia Cambogia
  • Suspect health advice: Why you shouldn’t listen to me!
  • Why it was wrong for Wikileaks emails to expose my ties to industry groups
  • Yogic flying and you
We hope there won’t be a Season 8, but if there is, perhaps he will run out of evidence-based studies to ignore and tackle the serious health issues, like what officially killed his credibility.