Thursday, May 25, 2017

Original Golfer's Subtle Energy Pendant

When you wear the Qlink SRT-3 pendant, the effects may be instantly noticeable to some
wearers. For others, it may take a bit of time to sense the difference while wearing and while not. Since the biofields are a unique signature to each person, the Qlink experience is unique to its owner. 

With the new SRT-3 technology, the pendant is enabled to seamlessly resonate your body’s life supporting frequencies in the biofield. This enhances your resistance in dealing with stressors on your body. Try wearing your Qlink at all times for better and long lasting benefits.

Highlights from Qlink Research

From research exercises conducted at Imperial College London, UC Irvine and University of Vienna:

  • The latest Qlink is fitted with the SRT 3 technology which assists in resonating the life supports in frequencies in the biofield activating better support on stressful situations 
  • People involved in the research noticed higher levels of energy and better emotional balance
  • Runners said that Qlink increased their performance by 6%. 
  • The doctors noted that the pendant assisted in amplifying healthy energy levels and lowering energy drains that are caused by a range or stressors
  • Athletes who used the pendant said that Qlink made them focus better on the game, as well as, endure more
  • From the brainwave study, Qlink proved to lower the risks of EMF's

If you are working to engage in any sport this summer, add the Qlink pendant as part of your attire to reap from the benefits of having increased energy and better focus on the game.

Money back guarantee

Qlink comes with a one year warranty.

There is a 90 day money back guarantee if you think the product is not working as expected for you. You need to have it returned in the original form and have prior approval from Natural Healing Tools.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Counter Airline Travel Stress

  • WATER: Drink one glass of clean water every hour with eight drops of crystal energy. Use a high quality water filter bottle that will filter the airplane water. Using the Safe Space Food/Liquid Energy Card will restore vital life force to the water and help to clear toxins.
  • CAFFEINE: Avoid liquids such as alcohol and soft drinks, coffee and black tea, which cause blood congestion. Stick to fruit juices and water until on the ground.
  • SUPPLEMENTS: Use antioxidant supplements to minimize radiation and other free radical stress. Chlorella, high quality algae, wheat grass and green food supplements can be helpful in protecting against radiation and reducing brain, body and adrenal stress.
  • EMF PROTECTION:  Bring or wear an emf protection item with subtle energy protection to help reduce stress. An airplane produces EMF and now with WiFi and electronic use - you are surrounded with EMF. Try a Vitaplex pendant or Safe Space II.
  • MELATONIN: Use melatonin for jet lag time zone adjustment. A low dose melatonin one hour before bed can be helpful. To help adjust your biological clock, go to bed at the normal time for the new time zone and awake to get early daylight.
  • EXERCISE: Exercise during your flight. Get up and stretch and walk if your flight is many hours. Increase oxygen by breathing exercises before flying and using stabilized oxygen water.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer Travel Protection

If you’re like most people, you’re living and working in a soup of toxic electromagnetic
radiation. The protective field of the SafeSpace II helps guard you against the toxic effect of electromagnetic fields (EMFs), Wi-Fi, geopathic stress zones from earth radiation, and environmental stress.

Ideal for travel:
  • Combat Wi-Fi saturated environments like planes, trains, and cars. 
  • Fight jet lag. 
  • Hotels provided Wi-Fi.
  • Shield from ambient toxins to minimize fatigue.
  • Hang on your backpack, purse or computer case.

Why Environmental Protection is needed

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) in our environment can affect the way we think and feel. They influence our metabolic processes and our overall health. Highly disruptive energy fields from high tension wires, industrial radar, microwave beams, electric current, computers, televisions, cell phones, fluorescent lights and other electrical appliances can numb or dull our sense perceptions and adversely impact brain wave activity. 

Studies have also shown EMFs can induce mild depression in many subjects through the disruption of melatonin, dopamine, and serotonin levels

The SafeSpace II Solution

The protective field the SafeSace II sets up around your body reduces the toxic effects of harmful electromagnetic energies and a host of other ambient threats. And by keeping your body’s subtle energy and electrical system in balance, it helps you stay energized and strong throughout the day. Keep it on your body—ideally in a pocket.


The SafeSpace products have been thoroughly tested and repeatedly confirmed effective via kineseology and electro-diagnostics.

Radiates a 7 foot protective field around the body

1.75 inches

Friday, May 12, 2017

Earth's Van Allen Belts

If you are space geeks like we are, the 25 Weirdest Facts About The Solar System is a cool read. 

Found the Van Allen belts picture from NASA particularly interesting. 

18. Earth's Van Allen belts are more bizarre than expected

Earth has bands of radiation belts surrounding our planet, known as the Van Allen belts (named after the discoverer of this phenomenon.) While we've known about the belts since the dawn of the space age, the Van Allen Probes (launched in 2012) have provided our best-ever view of them. They've uncovered quite a few surprises along the way.

We now know that the belts expand and contract according to solar activity. Sometimes the belts are very distinct, and sometimes they swell into one massive belt. An extra radiation belt (beyond the known two) was spotted in 2013. Understanding these belts helps scientists make better predictions about space weather, or solar storms.

Monday, May 8, 2017

How to (naturally) get rid of unwanted ants

The beauty and whimsy of peonies is coming. A garden myth is it takes ants to facilitate the blooming of peonies. Ants are attracted to, and eat the sweet nectar secreted by the peony bud. Ants do not harm the plants, and the plants do not require ants to open. You can cut the buds and take them into the house and let them open inside. Or before taking peony flowers into your house, you can turn them upside-down in a bucket of water to get the ants off.

(DYI) Ants are a constant problem, both in the home and in the garden. Although chemical poisons are the standard solution, not everyone wants those poisons near themselves, their pets, their children, and the food they grow at home. There are options to cut down on ants in the garden that don't put your health at risk.


There are a number of herbs that naturally repel ants. By planting these herbs in your garden, you can cut down the presence of ants. Plant them around the areas you specifically want to protect or near doors and windows to keep them from entering your home. Anything pungent, such as basil or sage, will help repel ants when planted around your garden. The following herbs work particularly well.
Ants hate mint, especially peppermint. This makes it a great deterrent. The only complication is that mint is an insidious grower that will take over any ground it is placed in. So, choose locations for mint carefully and monitor its growth if you don't want it in your entire garden.
Growing tansy will work much the same way growing mint does to deter ants. It also produces lovely yellow flowers on tall stems that can be a good compliment to your flower garden. Unfortunately, it grows and spreads to fill an area almost as fast as mint, so be careful when planting and caring for this one.
Pennyroyal is used in repellents for a number of different types of insects, including ants. As a relative of mint, it does tend to invade the entire garden if not kept in close check. However, the sweet scent and soft lavender flowers in season may make growing pennyroyal worth the extra work to restrain it.

Ants Hate Marigolds

There are a few flowers that are known to deter ants from their area. One of the best known is the marigold. Plant a few of these around the borders of your garden or near plants you want really well protected. Marigolds have the advantage of minimal expansion. However, they are annuals that have to be replaced yearly.

Coffee Grounds Deter Ants

If you're a coffee drinker, don't throw out your used grounds. Coffee grounds have two uses when added to your garden soil. Nutrients in your coffee grounds will feed your plants, and the caffeine will repel ants. Sprinkle a ring of grounds around a tree or plant you specifically want to protect. Or, till some coffee grounds into the soil around the boarder of your garden.

Citrus Peels

Another item to add to the soil around your plants is citrus peels. Grind peels from any citrus fruit up to release the oils that repel ants and make it easy to distribute evenly. Add it to the soil in a circle around a specific tree or plant much like with coffee grounds. For even better success, try combining citrus peels with coffee grounds.

Ants Love Cornmeal

That might sound like a poor reason to sprinkle cornmeal around, but in fact it's an excellent one. Ants love the sweet taste of cornmeal, but cannot digest it. If you want to starve them out rather than just deter them, sprinkle cornmeal around your garden, or near the entrance to any ant colony you can find. Ant activity will spike for a few days, but should decrease after that. Add more cornmeal after it rains and whenever you see more ants.

QLink: Original Golfer Jewelry

QLink is a golfer's favorite! 

QLink has a patented, subtle energy signature. Designed to help with mental focus - perfect for the putting green when the skin is on the line.

Not only are the designs perfect for sports, the quality of QLink stands up to the riggers of the sport. The Stainless Steel bracelet is available in a both men's and women's sizes. The SRT-3 pendant is available in various materials including plastic. Plastic is ideal as a lightweight, durable solution for golfing.

To shop for QLink products, link here.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Top 10 Benefits of Wheatgrass Supplementation

Wheatgrass juice is the primary ingredient in our premier Springreen #30 supplement. Cornerstone supplement of the Springreen brand created by V.E. Irons in the late 1950's.

Here's 10 amazing reasons why Wheatgrass should be part of your diet: 

1. Lose Weight

Wheatgrass contains selenium, which is nutritionally essential for humans.

According to a 2012 study in Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease, selenium plays a critical role in reproduction, thyroid hormone metabolism, DNA synthesis, and protection from oxidative damage and infection.

The thyroid plays a key role in your body's ability to regulate its weight, so because of the relationship that selenium plays in normal thyroid function, ensure that your is healthy by supplementing your diet with the recommended daily amount of wheatgrass!

2. Detox Your Cells

Wheatgrass is highly alkaline and high in nutrients, making it the perfect aid in the natural detoxification process that happens during cell regeneration and renewal. Nutritionists agree that an alkaline diet, inadvertently allows us to end up eating healthier.

Doctor E.V. McCollum, professor at Johns Hopkins, once stated:
"Eat nothing unless it will spoil or rot - but eat it before it does."
Therefore, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and wehatgrass are a great way to boost your cell function and naturally aid in the detoxification process of your body.

3. Boost Your Immunity

Wheatgrass has been shown to be an amazing immune booster with the ability to increase red blood cell production according to a study done in 2004.

In the Journal of Indian Pediatrics, wheatgrass proved to be such a powerful aid, that it reduced the need for blood transfusions among transfusion dependent patients with beta thalassemia, or a blood disorder that reduces the production of hemoglobin.

4. Stimulate Circulation

Stimulate your circulation by taking wheatgrass and increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.

A 2008 study in the Internet Journal of Alternative Medicine showed that wheatgrass increases oxygen levels when taken directly before exercise.
The data and statistics verify that wheatgrass increased blood oxygenation during exercise.

5. Improve Digestion

Wheatgrass contains Vitamin C and B-complex vitamins, which aid in the digestive process, while vitamins B6 and B12 assist with protein and fat metabolism. These vitamins are essential fro the function of close to 100 different enzymes involved in digestion.

Next time instead of reaching for an antacid to relieve heartburn or indigestion, try introducing wheatgrass into your diet!

6. Reduce Fatigue

A weakened immune system can leave you feeling tired, stressed and fatigued - especially around the holidays. Boosting the adrenal system is essential for sufferers of chronic fatigue.

Wheatgrass is loaded with chlorophyll which not only helps to increase the oxygen supply in your body's cells and tissues, but it boosts the immune system as well. This not only heals the body but also reduces symptoms of fatigue by naturally regenerating the adrenal glands.

7. Cleanse the Liver

Wheatgrass is well known for its positive effects on the liver. with its high chlorophyll content, this makes it especially beneficial when it comes to detoxifying the liver and reducing the absorption of several harmful carcinogens, as its strengthen cells and neutralizes pollutants present in the blood.

8. Menstrual Pain

Painful menstrual cycles can be attributed to vitamin and mineral deficiencies, particularly of magnesium and niacin, according to a 1981 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

Wheatgrass' abundance of vitamins helps to supplement your diet, helping you to make it through that time of the month with less pain.

9. The Common Cold

Make sure your body is getting all the vitamins it needs and avoid getting sick this cold and flu season by introducing wheatgrass to your supplement regiment.

10. Bowel Inflammation

Wheatgrass has anti-inflammatory qualities, and has also been proven to fight inflammation

in the bowel linked to several diseases including Crohn's and IBS.

In fact in a 2002 study done in a randomized double-blind placebo controlled trial, showed that wheatgrass juice appeared safe and effective as a single or adjuvant treatment of active distal Ulcerative Colitis.

Ready? Try the original Springreen here:

Monday, May 1, 2017

Need to get rid of fleas? Try banana peels.

Fleas can invade your home whether you have a pet or not. The worst part is that, once fleas have taken hold, seemingly the only way to get rid of them is by using harsh chemicals. However, there are a few alternative flea-killing methods. When you first notice a flea problem outside of the home, use these steps and some banana peels to get rid of them.

Step 1 – Acquire Bananas

You will need to use several pounds of bananas to get the required amount of banana peels you will need for this project. But, don’t worry. If you don't have a banana tree growing in your backyard, you can usually buy them for cheap. Use the leftover bananas you don’t want to eat in banana bread or freeze them to use in smoothies or recipes at a later date. If you have any leftover peels, you can feed them to your rose bush.

Step 2 – Spread the Peels Around

After acquiring the bananas and unpeeling them, you need to distribute the peels evenly throughout the backyard. Generally, one peel per 5-10 square feet will suffice. It’s better to use more peels than too little.
Putting Peels in Your House
Put the banana peels on a plate in several different locations throughout the house as well. However, beware of attracting fruit flies. If you see any, you should get rid of the peels inside your home right away.

Step 3 – Inspect Your Peels

When the fleas eat the banana peel, they will die. Fleas are attracted to the smell of the peels, but their system cannot handle the enzymes that are present in the peel. The longer the fruit peel sits, the more effective they are in killing off fleas.
Once the peels have turned completely black and shriveled up, you can decide if you need to add more peels or not. Inspect your grass to determine if there are any fleas remaining.