Monday, February 16, 2009


Have you ever heard of an Astrocartographer? Neither had I...until recently. So, What is Astrocartography? Astrocartography is "locational astrology" - in short, Astrocartography uses your birth chart...and a few other things, to locate areas throughout the planet that will have the most influence on you...energetically!

I had a reading a few months ago and...I admit, I was impressed. I've recently followed up on a few of those leads that I was given during my reading. Why did I bring this up? Well, living or vacationing in areas that are favorable to one's energies can be extremely important to the health and well being of that individual. I'm starting to understand this more and more!

I just want to give a plug to my Astrocartographer - Scott. The name of his site is The Travelers Well. I invite everyone to give it a try! See if makes sense to you.