Friday, September 18, 2009

Eat Late, Put on Weight?

Study Shows Eating at the 'Wrong' Time of Day Could Lead to Weight Gain.

By Kathleen Doheny
WebMD Health News

Excessive late-night eating has long had a bad reputation, with studies showing it leads to weight gain.
Now, in a new study, researchers from Northwestern University have found that eating at the "wrong" time leads to more than twice as much weight gain, even when the overall calories consumed are the same as those eaten at appropriate times. Read more.

I concur! I've noticed that with age it is much easier to put the weight when consecutively eating late in the evening. I've read that after 5pm, it takes more food to make us feel satiated then it would earlier in the day...a likely reason for late night snacking. Also, I find that people often get bored in the evening and look to food to satisfy their emotional palate. Experiment with this yourself. See what works best for you! Pay attention to not only what times you eat but also the types of food your consuming before you go to bed. Good luck!