Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Health Tip: Start Your Day With a Good Breakfast

By HealthDay - Tue Mar 16, 2010

Your mother's edict that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" is true, experts say.

The Nemours Foundation suggests how you can get a quick but healthy breakfast each morning:

* Fill your pantry with lots of healthy choices for breakfast.

* The night before, try to get as much ready as possible for breakfast. Have dishes and flatware out, get fruit cut up, and prepare as much as possible in advance.

* Wake everyone at least 10 minutes earlier than usual to make sure there's plenty of time to eat.

* Encourage the kids to participate in planning and making breakfast.

* Have quick, healthy breakfast options on hand when time has eluded you -- such as trail mix, yogurt, fruit or individual boxes of cereal.

A healthy breakfast in the morning is so important to help with fueling your day. Personally, I noticed that I would snack a lot more throughout the day if I didn't have a fulfilling breakfast. I still like to make breakfast my biggest meal of the day and supper my smallest. Also, I avoid most cereals and other processed foods...there are so many other healthy options.Try it out for yourself!