Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Undercover San Francisco Bay Area fish testing finds high mercury levels in supermarket swordfish and tuna - March 4, 2010

San Francisco, CA - An undercover investigation of grocery store fish counters led by the non-profit public health project detected hazardous levels of mercury in fresh and frozen fish from 13 San Francisco Bay Area supermarkets. All swordfish samples exceeded the U. S. government’s mercury action level of 1 part per million – and one piece of swordfish registered twice as high. Ahi tuna (yellowfin tuna) also contained alarming amounts of mercury. Read more.

"According to the Got fish calculator, a woman who weighs 140 pounds and eats a six-ounce portion of swordfish this week will be exposed to a mercury level that is 273 percent above government exposure guidelines.
A 130 pound woman who ate just one 8 ounce ahi filet this week would exceed her EPA safe level of mercury by nearly 400 percent. A child of 40 pounds, eating the same ahi steak this week, would exceed the EPA safe level of mercury by nearly 1300 percent."