Friday, April 2, 2010

More people are relying on a pill rather than diet and exercise to cut their heart risk

"My view has always been that you start with the basics and do the simple things first before you go to drugs," Hlatky said. "Lots of people are not doing the sensible things. They're not eating the right diet, they're not exercising, they're still smoking."

 "It is so much easier to prescribe a drug than to change behavior, and that is my worry," Hlatky said. "We're heading down that road. Cardiovascular risk prevention is moving in the wrong direction."

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Far to many people are ignoring the value of a healthy lifestyle (eating natural organic foods, daily exercise, proper mental and emotional stability) and stopping off at the "Pill Fairy" to avoid any inconveniences resulting from having to make, perhaps, critical life changes. Is this what we really need?