Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How the HighChi Jewelry is continually being updated?

Every HighChi Pendant in our NHT store periodically receives upgrades. How? - A  "Proprietary Technique" of "Quantum Technologies" using a "Quantum Pattern" of "Energy Information" that goes to any "Shape", "Size", or "Design". 

Our manufacturer is able to replicate the resonant frequencies of the 12 Higher Harmonics to digital technology.

Each of the 12 Higher Harmonics is stored in their computerized energy system, in large energy information files. They then take a special digital photograph of each design that they wish to energize in order to obtain its numeric sequence or digital code, which, for instance, could be 010101. They then feed that digital sequence of 010101 into their computer and choose which of the harmonics they want to download onto it. Then using scalar waves, (frequency informational carrying wave), they piggyback that energy along the scalar carrying wave, and release it to find that same digital code, "through the Quantum". Whatever has that same numeric sequence or code of 010101 will automatically receive the energy. Learn more.

Dr. Jim