Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mobile phones 'should not be used by under 12s' says scientist launching 30-year study into health risks

Children should not use mobile phones, a leading Government adviser warned last night.
Professor Lawrie Challis said children were not ‘little adults’ and that they should not be given mobiles until they were at least 12.
Even then teenagers should use their phones to send text messages rather than talk, the physicist and expert on the effects of radiation added.
He said that while there was no evidence that children are more sensitive than adults to the radiation given out by mobile phones, the possibility could not be ruled out.
Professor Challis, the former head of the government-funded Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research programme (MTHR), said: ‘I think it is plausible because their immune system is still developing and we do know that children are more sensitive to other things, for example ultra-violet light. Read more.