Monday, July 26, 2010

Ask Dr. Jim: Why did you start Natural Healing Tools?

Wellness is a Lifestyle

Natural Healing Tools products are selected to compliment a healthy lifestyle choice. These tools are supportive to the idea of long term solutions to optimum health.
Natural Healing Tools recognizes that there is a growing need for holistic tools. With this idea in 2004, Natural Healing Tools store came about. I select products from my years of using wellness tools. I take time researching various products and their attributes - always with the thought of promoting health for myself, my family, patients and clients of Natural Healing Tools.

Natural Healing Tools does not compromise our standards. I seek qualified and quality researchers and innovators in a market controlled by a large health care system. Many of our products are used by me and my staff to understand how they work. I don't compromise posting products just to have products. I read the background information and asks questions prior to allowing them on my site.