Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Testimonials for Strauss Heartdrops

Twice in my life I was made aware of Strauss Heartdrops:  the first time, I didn't need it, or so I thought.  The second time was in October, 2006.  I was fitted with a pacemaker a year before when I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, had a complete heart block.  After a year on heart medication a second echocardiogram showed no significant change in my heart condition.  I got hold of a Heartdrops booklet again, so I started taking the Heartdrops.  Six months later I had a third echocardiogram.  The hospital technician was amazed when he noticed my EF had improved from the previous 25% to 35%.  He said in all his years doing this at the hospital he has never seen a case of the ejection fraction improving.  I have no more shortness of breath, no more swollen ankles, I sleep soundly, thanks to the Heartdrops.   I know that if I had relied solely on the heart medication I would not be feeling this great.  To me, the Heartdrops is a God-send.  Thank you very much.   Gill - International customer

I have used three bottles of Heart Drops. I used about half a bottle and the angina pain has gone away. I feel so much better like getting a good night's sleep. Walking distance has increased and my general health condition has improved. Many people have asked me about the result of taking Heart Drops. I suggested that they try a bottle and they all said no angina pain and their energy level increased. I have no need of nitro spray now.
Fred - Abbotsford, B.C

I wanted to tell my success using the Strauss heartdrops. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 3 years ago. At the time of my doctor exam, he told me I had to go straight to the hospital, it was too critical for me to go home first. After 3 days in the hospital they were able to get the water from around my heart, my legs and ankles. I went home with about 4 medicines to take. When I had my first follow up visit to the doctor after the hospital stay, he did a complete exam of me and told me I was "much much much better" and my heart was almost normal. He said this was amazing and hearts don't shrink from the size mine had become. I didn't tell him at the time, but I had been on the heart drops for several months. When people ask me about my recovery I tell them I give God the glory and thanks, and I thank God I was lead to the Strauss heartdrops. I don't have any doubt that they were the "miracle" that God made available to me. I would recomend them to everyone that has the health problems that they address. Richard from Indiana. PS: I forgot to say that at the exam after the hospital stay, the Dr. told me I was extremely close to a heart transplant the first time he saw me--no wonder he wanted me to go straight to the hospital!!!
Richard - Indiana

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