Monday, August 16, 2010

Ask Dr. Jim: What are some myths about wellness products?

Q: What are some of the most important attributes of a balanced, healthy lifestyle? 
Healthy lifestyle, to us is the total integration of the mind, body, spirit and heart. Natural Healing Tools assists individuals with products that endeavor to support this goal.  For example, our customers may come looking for an organic supplement and also find a great stress reduction tool.

Q: What are some myths about wellness products?
There are many myths about wellness products - That they will provide some "magical bullet" to some chronic condition that may have been brewing for several years...more then likely from poor lifestyle choices.

Q: How necessary are wellness tool products to our daily lives? 
Really depends on how high of a priority and to what degree an individual wants to explore their wellness potential.  The many articles on our site help to educate our customers as to how they can enhance their lives and support a healthy, active lifestyle.  Also my blog addresses current issues relating to that lifestyle and high order of wellness.  This is a personal choice.  But the path to wellness requires the person to take control of their health.  Do the homework.  And try products to find the right solutions for personal balance of mind, body, spirit and heart.

Q: What new products are coming to Natural Healing Tools?
I am currently testing several products and working with new distributors/manufacturers to bring in tools that we know will impact our customers. We are looking at some new products specifically in the EMF market plus I am trying a new supplement designed for heart health.  Stay tuned to our site for announcements coming soon.