Monday, October 4, 2010

Guys - Wear Your EMF Protection in Your Own Baseball Hat!

Comes with a hat or take the EarthCalm band and put in your own hat! Perfect for the guy who wants EMF protection but won't wear jewelry!

The Scalar Research on how EarthCalm protects from EMF waves is very interesting. 

Research Completed December 2009 (Read Complete Study)

Numerous studies have shown that EMR in our environment has a detrimental impact on health. EarthCalm undertook a pilot study to determine the impact of the Home Protection System on common Quality of Life indicators. An internet survey tool was designed using a combination of the standardized scientifically validated SF 36 Health Survey and several other qualitative research tools to assess quality of life parameters in the study population. The EarthCalm study showed the Home protection system significantly improved a number of Quality of Life indicators. Some were not impacted or experienced significantly enough to draw conclusions but none of the quality of life indicators got worse. Respondents consistently reported improvement in their perceived level of energy as well as decreased stress, fatigue and improved sleep.

Other body symptoms such as body aches, pain, numbness and tingling in extremities, cardiac irregularities, gastrointestinal distress and skin rashes also showed overall improvement. The significant improvements in mental health issues and mood indicators such as feelings of elation, focus and concentration, serenity and calmness also point to some of the more subtle symptoms of chronic microwave radiation stress on the body's nervous system which adversely impacts these health indicators. These outcomes lend striking support to the claim that the Earthcalm Home Protection System positively impacts calmness and alleviates stress in the home environment, which may allow the body to heal itself of chronic stress and neurological disorders.