Wednesday, December 8, 2010

8 Tips to Counter Holiday Airline Stress

Traveling this season? Try these tips for healthier travel.

  1. Drink one glass of clean water every hour. Bring a water filtration bottle to filter the airplane water.  Try using the Food Liquid Energy Card to restore vital life force to the water and help to clear toxins.
  2. Avoid other liquids. Especially those which cause blood congestion and dehydration such as alcohol and soft drinks, coffee and black tea.
  3. Use antioxidant supplements to minimize radiation and other free radical stress.  Chlorella, high quality algae, wheatgrass and green food supplements can be helpful in protecting against radiation and reducing brain, body and adrenal stress. Try Springreen's Cod Liver Oil or Healthforce Vitamineral Green (capsules).
  4. Melatonin for jet lag time zone adjustment. A low dose melatonin one hour before bed can be helpful. To help adjust your biological clock go to bed at the normal time for the new time zone and awake to get early daylight.
  5. Exercise during your flight. Get up and stretch and walk if your flight is many hours. 
  6. Increase oxygen with breathing exercises before flying. Use Super Oxygenation Powder (capsule formula) during travel.
  7. Protect yourself from EMF waves. Wear a piece of subtle energy jewelry. Or plug a protection device in your laptop USB port.
  8. Relax. Try to meditate during the flight to relax your mind.