Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magnesium Chloride, The Master Magnesium Compound

Magnesium Chloride is recognized by many medical professionals as the “Master Magnesium Compound” for both dietary and topical uses, due to its high potency and efficient action.

Magnesium is undeniably therapeutic to the human body, yet much is left unsaid about the type and quality of various forms of magnesium.

Not all types of magnesium deliver the same recognizable benefits. Like other minerals of nutritional value, magnesium occurs as various inorganic and organic forms in nature. Each of these forms has varying degrees of efficiency in human biochemistry.

    * In supplement form, magnesium oxide, the most common form of magnesium sold in pharmacies and grocery stores, has been shown to have as low as a 4% absorption rate.1

    * Other forms of magnesium, especially the naturally occurring magnesium chloride, have been demonstrated to achieve much greater bioavailability.

Choosing a highly soluble form of magnesium brings both high potency and superior benefits toward health.  For fast-acting therapeutic use, magnesium chloride is especially recommended. One particularly safe and natural form is now available in a pure, unadulterated magnesium oil or as magnesium bath salts, both extracted from a pristine ancient sea bed and tested free of contaminants.

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