Saturday, January 29, 2011

The New NHT Violet Glass Bottles Have Arrived!!

The days of waiting have finally paid off and after digging through many packing peanuts, we finally got the NHT Violet Glass Bottles

Apothecary Bottles
Water Bottles

We're amazed at how well they store things like natural herbs, oils, cosmetics, superfoods, seeds, nuts, spices and organic produce. The science behind them is pretty amazing, but a part of us just wants to talk about how pretty and sleek they are! People around the office are snapping them up to give as gifts, so you can also consider this entry a warning to get your own before we end up hoarding them all for ourselves.

Take a look at them in action. As proven in storage testing, herbs (see the chives on the left of the picture) left in NHT Violet Glass for 2 months and periodically exposed to sunlight, looked and smelled "noticeably fresher", when compared to those that were stored in white or brown glass containers.