Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Testimonials for the Food/Liquid Energizer!

I love the Food Liquid Energizer - I place all my foods and vitamins on it and really notice the energizing effect! When I drink the water I place on this card I love the buzz-I feel “charged”.     
~Annie Lombardo – Massage Therapist, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
My friend and I used the Food-Liquid card at dinner. We couldn’t believe the difference in the water that had been treated with the food card versus the water that had not. The untreated water smelt so strongly of chlorine and tasted just as bad. The treated water had been totally transformed. There was no chlorine smell, the texture of the water was smooth and it tasted great.   
~Doreen Vargas, Massage Therapist, Sammamish, WA
I find my Energizer makes everything smoother in taste, but what really blows me away is my improved digestion—this product just brings more harmony to the eating experience all around.  I love it!
~Peter Cooper, Waiter, Bellvue, WA