Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ancient Minerals Testimonials

Judith Todero:

“Hello, my name is Judith Todero, and I’m a nutritionist, an author, and a speaker.

Part of the problem, I think, in trying to find natural and safe products to enhance our health is that the manufacturer’s hands are tied when it comes to making claims or telling people their benefits. There is, however, no law in the land that precludes us from helping ourselves with so many of the wonderful products that are on the market today.

I just want to say I very, very, rarely lend my name or recommendation to products, but I’m so impressed with the transdermal magnesium line that I wanted to share my experiences with the public so perhaps others can benefit. This is really the only way some people find out about these great products.

I do a lot of research in trying to locate unusual health products, but in this case I had a personal motivation. I have an elderly mom, and I love her dearly as we all love our moms. But her shoulder is in constant pain — it’s almost frozen. She really can’t even use her hand much; she can’t grasp anything.

Unfortunately, this is her right hand, and it has really limited her ability to do anything. She loves to can foods; and even though she’s elderly, she’s very spry and loves to do things on her own.
I was looking for a product that would help her, and that’s when I found the magnesium flakes and the magnesium spray.

Amazingly, in a few days it has made such a difference!

It’s the biggest surprise because as you know when we’re elderly, our bodies heal much slower, and she’s in her mid-80s. She’s not a spring chicken even though she likes to think she is!

Well, when that happened and I saw how much it helped her, I said, ‘My clients need to know about this.’

So, one client who has severe ankle pain: She’s used the magnesium spray. The pain is totally gone.

I use it because it really helps with more relaxed sleep!

I put another client on it, and I told her to put a little bit on her temple — to put a little bit on the hairline on her neck, because she has terrible headaches. The headaches are totally gone.

So, my opinion is too many people are over medicated. You know the drugs in this country: We’re so flamboyant with using this prescription and that prescription! People are just so tired of being over medicated, and they are looking for something that is safe, that is natural, that can help them relieve pain, that can help them relax.

In my opinion, the magnesium spray, the magnesium flakes, the gel — there are so many benefits to using these products.

People are just hungry for natural and safe alternatives. So I look forward to helping many of my clients. And I do hope that this little message will help many out there.

Whether it’s for your mom, for your self, for your friend — give them a try because these products work. Thank you so much.”

Lois from Tenessee:

“I’m certain my magnesium level has been low for a long time and while I cannot relate my experiences with the Ancient Minerals transdermal magnesium through medical testing, my observation is that it has helped to resupply my magnesium level.

I no longer have the leg aches or cramps I used to have and I’m sleeping better at night and do not seem to have as much tension. These are great benefits!

In the past, I’ve used two other types of transdermal magnesium from other companies, one being a gel and the other an oil.

I’ve found the Ancient Minerals transdermal is not as irritating to my skin.

It definitely absorbs into the skin better and it doesn’t make me itch like the other transdermal products I’ve tried. My preference is to rub it onto my skin right after a shower and wear it throughout the day. I never could have left the other two magnesium products on throughout the day as I do with the Ancient Minerals! I always had to wash those types off after no more than 30-60 minutes of wearing them because they either didn’t soak in properly or they made my skin itch as well as feel like it was burning.

I’ve found the Ancient Minerals can be put on areas of soreness, for example an aching knee, and it does seem to help take the general aches out from that area.

My conclusion is that it is the best transdermal product available on the market (at least that I know about) and seems to be more pure than others I’ve used.”


“My name is Diane and I have fibromyalgia. I have suffered with stinging and burning all over actually, but mostly in my legs.

My sister uses your magnesium spray, and she has been telling me about it. She sent me a bottle of it in the mail; and I was thinking, ‘Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s probably just another natural remedy that’s not going to work.’

The moment I sprayed it on my legs, it instantly took the stinging and burning away, and I was just in awe. I could not believe that there was actually a product out there that worked!

I am so excited about it that I’m going to be sending some to all my friends that have fibromyalgia, because they all suffer with that. And I am just so happy to find something that — that has given me relief. I can’t wait to pass it on to others!

So, I thank you for a wonderful, wonderful product.

And I hope that many people will be helped like I have. And it’s just — it’s just wonderful! So, thank you very much. Bye, bye.”