Thursday, October 13, 2011

World Vegan Day

November 1st is World Vegan day, and here are eleven ideas that you can use to celebrate World Vegan Day! 

1) PLEDGE  Please pledge now - World Try Vegan Day Pledge

2) VOTE  Ask your friends to vote on what would encourage them to try a plant based diet -  World Vegan Day  - Vote

3) PARTY Ask your friends to join and discuss their World Vegan Party Day plans and ideas here - World Vegan Day Party 

4) LINK  Keep in touch - Follow us on Twitter and  Facebook  and see Vegfest

5) EATING OUT - Ask your local restaurant to feature a healthy plant based menu on 1:11:11

6) SHOPPING Ask your favorite Supermarket to offer healthy World Try Vegan Day 1:11:11 BOGOF offers

7) COOKING - Organise a free, healthy World Try Vegan Day  cookery demo and workshop  with  The Cancer Project

8) SCHOOLS - Contact your local school and see if they will focus on healthy plant based eating and the benefits to the planet, people and health and animal welfare.for World Vegan Day 1:11:11

9) RADIO - Contact  your local radio station and ask if they can get a chef in to transform a national dish into a 1:11:11 healthy plant based version

10) NEWSPAPER - Write to your local newspaper and ask if they'll publish
a healthy plant based recipe for the week of 1:11:11

11) HEALTH  - Contact your Doctor and ask him or her if he or she would like evidence that a plant based diet helps to reduce the risks of diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

Courtesy: World Vegan Day