Monday, October 10, 2011

Zone of Disturbances: Natural Zones

There are three zone of disturbances: Natural Zones, Man Made Zones and Subtle Energy Zones. Finding the sources of electromagnetic waves (EMF) can help you determine what products will help protect you and your family.

Natural Zones

Disease caused by the earth.

Noxious earth radiations from undergournd electric currents, known as geopathic zones of disturbance, can also be harmful to health. These fields are electromagnetic in nature. Patterns of energies from these sources will read as ley lines or vortexes if the area is dowsed.

Source of Geopathic Disturbance
Yin Forces: Discharging of field causing a decrease in geomagnetic activity.
Underground voices in rock structures
Underground streams crossing, water veins
Ground water currents
Yang Forces: Charging field causing an increase in geomagnetic activity and geological phenomena
Conditions caused by Geopathic Disturbances
  • Magnetic anomalies
  • Increase in electrical conducting of air and soil 
  • Soil or subsoil anomalies
  • Acoustic changes
  • Increase in field strength of UHF waves (TV)
  • Cold spots - building on electrically charged ground
  • Hot spots - may be radioactive
Global Grid

Regular earth grid system causing electromagnetic disturbance. These zones can be particularly harmful when 2 grids cross (ie. Curry Grid and Hartman Net).

Products to help protect from geopathic stress include: Georesonator and the Protectoplex Personal EMF Protection.

Part 2: Zones of Disturbances: Man Made Zones