Monday, November 14, 2011

Meditation Tools: Incense

Shoyido's Zen Incense is an ideal companion for meditation, quiet reflection, or simply to scent a large room. Each 13-inch stick is three times thicker than our other naturally blended stick incense, and has a burning time of approximately two hours. Many customers use them as time-keeping tools for meditation, or even for outdoor gatherings. Zen Incense is pure - no wooden core means you'll enjoy three subtle, natural, and timeless fragrances without the wood filler.

Natural Healing Tools respects the environment and is concerned for green practices. Shoyeido is a select provider because of their continuing ability to set the standard in the market of fragrance. They have procured permits from the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry in Japan, and the US Fish & Wildlife Department to validate that our products are properly accounted for and responsibly harvested. None of our recipes contain animal ingredients and no testing has ever been done on animals.

Choose from Sitting Zen or Evening Zen for meditation, relaxation and reflection. The Zen series requires a 5" holder. See the selection at Natural Healing Tools.