Sunday, December 4, 2011

5 Easy to Use Products to Manage Stress!

Natural Healing Tools has posted countless articles on the effects of stress on your health - and this is especially true during the holidays!

Try a few quick and easy stress reduction ideas: 
  1. Meditate. Try our specialty Zen incense and an Etheric Weaver to help with your focus.
  2. Ache muscles from shopping? Try a bath soak with Ancient Minerals Bath Flakes.
  3. Mind Machines from DavidPal are designed to help you relax and find your inner peace.
  4. Those around you strung out and sending off negative emotions? Try wearing a Subtle Energy Pendant to balance your energy and block draining EMF waves.
  5. The SOTA BioTuner has a 6 program guide to help you through. Includes 2 unique deep relaxation modes. 
Happy Holidays from Natural Healing Tools!