Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Ideas for the Ladies....

Choose her hearts desire with this collection of pendants mixed with our chi chakra gemstones. 

This combination for Success is the HighChi Pendant with Citrine Jewel on Parisian Link.

HighChi Jewelry are Energy Tools specifically designed to help you release stress, negative feelings and belief systems that are in the way of having what you most desire. Then once you've let go of what you don't want, like Olympic Atheletes you can use a powerful creative visualization technique, seeing and feeling yourself having what you do want.

The higher your resonance the better you feel, naturally attracting wonderful people and opportunities into your life. Inscribed with gratitude, love, happiness, hope and bliss, the HighChi pendant is the highest energetically and the key to our collection, in that it unlocks the energy of every gemstone it is worn with. Combined with Citrine this power piece amplifies the qualities of self-confidence, determination, success and protection, helping to improve one’s self-image. Citrine is known to be excellent for new businesses and financial success.

For everyone in the house - our NHT Health Cabin Sauna is an easy to assemble sauna that promotes health and wellness this winter!   

FAR-Infrared heat is safe for the entire family. It is the healing rays of the sun. Indians first used this technology in their "sweat lodges." FAR-Infrared heats object, not the air. Our heaters produce FAR-infrared that is SAFE for the human body. There are NO ultraviolet rays that have been associated with suntans and skin cancer. Our bodies absorb FAR-infrared from the sun and emit the same FAR-infrared back out of the body. This type of heat also helps with the light deprivation in the winter. This is the same heat used in hospital incubators to keep premature babies warm.

Stocked and available in the US. Easy to assemble. 

If fitness is on her list, the Cellerciser is a must have! 
The small trampoline as execercise was originated with David Hall and this is his original Cellerciser! The Cellerciser is not a typical rebounder or mini-trampoline. The Cellerciser offers the NEW "TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED SPRING"(PATENT PEND), not the typical tube spring which can lead to nerve damage and lower back problems. There are lots of rebounders....there's only one Cellerciser. Feel the difference.