Tuesday, November 27, 2012


(Brian Peskin, B.S.E.E., M.I.T.) Contrary to what we have heard, it is not the cholesterol itself that is clogging your arteries. A cat, a true carnivore, lives on a diet of 100% meat (unless fed carb-rich cat food by its owners). They consume lots of cholesterol, saturated fat, and meat. By "popular wisdom" cats should be suffering massive heart attacks on a regular basis, but they don't. 

What does a cat have to do with us? Cont
rary to popular belief, humans are much closer to carnivores such as cats or wolves, with 4-pint stomachs and the capability of eating once every few days, than to herbivores - grass eaters like cows or sheep with their 8.5 GALLON stomachs, and the need to eat constantly. Of course, since the current commercial cat food is loaded with soy, sugars (carbs), vegetables, and corn starch, we are now seeing a rapid rise in diseases that result from consuming those kinds of foods (which cats are not designed to eat AT ALL).