Saturday, November 24, 2012

New: Success Chi Charm Necklace

This Chi Charm combination is ideal for the man seeking success in his life! This necklace can be worn under clothing or as a men's fashion accessory. 

HighChi energized for intention amplification, subtle energy protection, emotional balance and emf protection. HighChi energy had evolved so your HighChi jewelry never needs clearing. The Ganesh Charm has intentions of Success, Joy and Good Fortune inscribed on the back. This further amplifies your intentions to the universe.   

Ganesh is considered to be the most worshiped divinity. He is the lord of success and happiness. He brings harmony and encourages us forward on the eternal path; removing obstacles and all difficulties. Ganesh is also considered to be the Lord of respect and acceptance. He is the destroyer of vanity, selfishness and pride; forcing one to look beyond outer appearances. Meditation with Ganesh permits internal balance and peace. He also symbolizes the God of new beginnings, thus anyone initiating a new enterprise should call upon him to ensure achievement and wealth.

When Ganesh is combined with the Lemon Quartz, it magnifies the success intention! 

The Lemon Quartz represents the 3rd chakra: personal power, strength of will, purpose, self esteem.

Celebrated as the happiness stone, Lemon Quartz is said to purify negative thoughts and emotions, helping dissolve depression. It can amplify positive feelings and ideas, to enhance clarity and communication. It is said to grant tolerance and forgiveness to the wearer. Excellent for harmonizing and balancing, thus Lemon Quarts is extremely beneficial for meditation and creative visualization.