Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7 Ways You Mess Up Your Doctor's Visit

There are many ways in which most of the patients get mess up with the doctors during their check up. But the infographic below will show you the 7 common ways to disturb your doctors visit:
  • Answering phone calls, drafting work emails or making planing with friends on mobile.
  • Do enough reach but don’t gather in-depth information.
  • Confusing the doctor without giving information about your presence in the hospital and reasons for visiting the hospital.
  • Try to be honest when you are at doctor’s place, give clear information about your drinking habits, smoking habits and sexual activities that you are involved in.
  • In case if you don’t like the treatment process prescribed by the doctor and inquire for any other alternative diagnosis process.
  • Never lie to doctor by saying that you intake necessary vitamins every day, even if you don’t take. If you have missed any medication doses prescribed by doctors, try to admit it before doctor.
  • Try to follow the doctors suggestions to have a speed recovery of your health.