Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Systemic Antibacterial Herbs – Stronger Than Antibiotics!

Whenever people get sick from a bacterial infection, they tend to rely on antibiotics to help them.

(Boro Petric, The Longevity Specialist) While this is very common, I consider it to be a mistake.
Well, it's quite simple.
Just like everything else around you, bacteria and viruses adapt to the environment they're in. This means that if you take drugs to get rid of them for long enough, they're going to adapt and become immune to the chemicals.
The antibiotic will stop working.
When that happens, your physician will most likely give you a different one to take, but if the bacteria is resistant…
…you're at serious risk of contracting an untreatable infection.
Pretty soon, you're going to run out of options.
Suddenly, a bacterial infection that used to be treatable becomes extremely dangerous or even deadly.
One example of a resistant bacterial strain is Klebsiella. It is virtually untreatable.
Sure, antibiotics are able to cure the common bacterial infections, and they do so every day all over the world, but when it comes to resistant bacteria, they are completely useless.
Once the drugs can't help anymore, the organism fights the disease for a time…
…and then dies.
Not a pretty picture, is it?
Fortunately, there's an alternative that's readily available to you. It's natural and perfectly safe to take for as long as needed.
That solution is…
…the nature.
See, there are herbal antibiotics which are not only safe for you to ingest, but they also help get rid of even the most dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria out there.
Those herbal antibiotics are Cryptolepis, Sida, Alchornea, Bidens and Artemisia.
Because they are herbs, they don't contain any harmful substances, so commonly found in mainstream antibiotics, and because they're natural, they help your body heal itself, which is exactly what you want.
Every doctor will tell you, that…
…taking antibiotics will weaken your immune system. The reason why is that they throw your body's natural balance off completely.
See, your body is full of helpful microbes whose job is to make sure you're healthy. They will get rid of toxins in your body, they'll fight bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that are trying to harm you.
They'll keep you safe, but in order to function properly, they need balance. If you take antibiotics over an extended period of time, you get rid of entire families of those microbes, and the balance is shaken.
That's why relying on nature is so important, and that's also why the systemic antibacterial herbs are so good for you.
They help maintain that balance instead of throwing it off.
Now, how do I know that?
These substances have been used in herbal medicine for centuries. They've been tried and tested extensively by multiple generations of people.
Between the five of them, those herbs I mentioned to you previously, can easily fight any bacterial disease off.
So, next time you are asked to take some antibiotics by your doctor, take a short moment to look into systemic antibacterial herbs.
I can promise you that you'll be glad you did, and your body will thank you for it.