Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Big Dairy's [Sneaky] FDA Petition

What would you do if an average dietary staple like milk suddenly became a little less dependable? What if your beloved dairy product started hiding potential neurotoxins and gut disruptive  but you had no way of knowing or differentiating from the label?

Well, if Big Dairy has its and the FDA approves their petition that is exactly what will happen.

Unlabeled Ingredients in Your Milk?

For those of you who haven't received the latest update from the land of "are they really trying to do that to our food" news, the International Dairy Foods Association and National Milk Producers Federation took it upon themselves to try and have the standards of milk essentially redefined to include the use of artificial sweeteners.

The best part? This would be a change that would not require an appearance on the label!

Despite the fact that many consumers may consciously decide to use these sweeteners in an attempt to avoid sugar, a significant portion of our population not only choose to avoid them but are, in fact, sensitive to their negative effects on their health and well-being. Overwhelming evidence points to aspartame being detrimental to neurological health - a fact that could potentially endanger those battling any range of neurological issues from Multiple Sclerosis to Autism to Bipolar Disorder. Sucralose, on internal bacterial ecosystem. In a country already hooked on antidepressants and digestive aids... the addition of these sweeteners to such a popular beverage and food seems almost like a flat out request for more health issues (although I'm sure the pharmaceutical industry is probably cheering this petition on).

Either way, implanting synthetic sweeteners into dairy products without consumer knowledge leaps to the side of negligence when it comes to transparency in our food system.

Although filed back in 2009, this petition is now open to commentary (hint hint) allowing businesses, specialists, and concerned citizens to have their voice heard on this issue.

We encourage those that seek truth and honesty in our food system to please take the time out to comment on this issue. However, much of this can be circumvented by simply avoiding factory-farmed, over-processed dairy products to begin with. By doing this, not only are you avoiding "mystery ingredients" in your milk, but you are also removing your hard-earned money from an industry well-known for their inhumane treatment of animals, rampant use of antibiotics and hormones, and unsustainable environmental practices.

With Permission from Ancient Minerals