Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Understanding Parent Essential Oils

PEO Solution 
by Brain Peskin and Robert Rowen, MD

Find out why the oils you take may be harming your health and what the missing link is to becoming lean for life, energized and disease free...

PEO Solution focuses on how practitioners were led astray by the supplement industry. It explains the science of Parent Essential Oils (PEO) that allows one to resolve health issues instead of aggravating them. It gives you the tools to avert the potential damage, which results from ignoring human physiology. 

PEO Solution is wonderful news because it gives you the tools to solve a problem that afflicts many patients. 

Understand the relationship of PEO to appetite, heart health, skin health, diabetes, anti inflammation, hormones, brain health and endurance (natural energy). 

As a bonus, it shows how to spot manipulated statistics. Yes EFA supplement is based on Brian Peskin formulation and is the supplement specifically discussed in this book. Natural Healing Tools stocks both the capsule and the liquid supplement formula (available here).