Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to clean your ArOmis Diffuser (and Where to Buy an ArOmis Diffuser)..

To buy the ArOmis Diffuser, Link Here to Natural Healing Tools. 
The Aromis aromatherapy diffuser is a theraputic grade ultrasonic nebulizer designed with serious practitioners in mind. Our units are made from wood and glass use no heat or water to vaporize oils.

The Solum Nox wood base is a beautiful dark wood round base with a choice of glass bottle diffuser bottle. There are three beautiful choices of glass tops to choose from: Merus, Vitis and Telum. 

The Salum Nox line is designed to cycle with 10 drops of aromatherapy oil or carrier oil - and automatically turn off. 

The set includes an AC adaptor.