Friday, May 9, 2014

6 Simple - and Not So Simple - Ways to Detox

Listening in to the 20-somethings talking about loosing quick weight before dinner dance - it was surprising how little they knew about a true detox. "Juice Detox's" are not a detox and can be a sling shot to liver damage and gaining more weight. 

Here are lots of ideas on easy and complex detox for spring: 

Pop a Probiotic: 
Of course, you don't have to pop a pill (but you can - try our Prescript Assist Probiotic supplement) to get your probiotics. In fact, it is preferred you ingest either a cultured food like yogurt or kombucha, or eat more raw fruits and vegetables grown in truly healthy soil.

How will a probiotic help? Fascinating research indicates that probiotics actually help us break down foods (gluten, casien, etc.) and chemicals (pesticides, Bisphenol A) which can cause great harm to our body, and which our own detoxification pathways do not handle effectively. 

Try a 3, 5 or 7 Day Fast: 
A multiple day fast is not something to be undertaken lightly. 

Step 1 - education 
Here are a few articles to start with from Natural Healing Tools.  
Step 2 - work with your health care provider.   
Step 3 - use a Superfood kit designed to support your body during your endeavor. Take a look (here) at the Springreen Detox Kit and instructions. 
Step 4 - make sure you know before you start how you are going to break you fast. (Breaking the Fast and Rebuilding After the Fast).
 Breaking a Sweat
Sadly, sweating has become synonymous with something gross that should be blocked with antiperspirants/deodorants – which, ironically only further exacerbates the problem of bodily odor, as it keeps one of your primary channels of detoxification from doing its job.

The reality is we were designed to move our bodies, the result of which is the release of profoundly uplifting and regenerative hormonal and neurochemical secretions. And this is just the obvious 'reward' we receive by pushing ourselves through the discomfort of sustained, intense bodily exertion to the point where we are profusely sweating.

Deeper benefits include the activation of the lymphatic system, which while being part of the circulatory system lacks a pump (like the heart) to push the lymphatic fluid through; this requires the activation of our entire skeletal musculature via exercise.

While one does not necessarily need to break a sweat to move the lymph – walking will suffice – you can 'free two birds with one hand,' by eliminating various heavy metals and chemicals via profuse sweating if you bring your physical activity towards that threshold, which incidentally also overlaps with that 'sweet spot' that activates the 'feel good' secretions.

Old Fashioned Enema:
Not very glamorous - and many people don't want to talk about. An enema alone or with a detox program can gently help the body get the worst of the intestinal sludge flushed out. 

The Colema Board, along with instructions, is available at Natural Healing Tools here. 

Spice Up Your Life: 
Basic culinary spices that you already may have in your spice cabinet can work wonders at changing up your menu while stimulating bodily detoxification. 

Garlic is an excellent detoxifier - so if you (and your partner) love garlic, enjoy! 

Look on your favorite recipe app for any of the following: turmeric, ginger, rosemary, cayanne, cardamon, saffron, cumin, cinnamon, and horseradish.  You'll be surprised to find anything from dinner to tea, deserts to marinades! 

Read more about how spices can help detox 9 Detoxifying Spices to Help Cleanse the Body. 

So, don't do a crazy fad diet as a "detox". Take it a bit more seriously and integrate healthy detox in your everyday, normal routine!