Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Statin Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Are Stupid

(The Natural Pharmacist, Ross Pelton) I hate the statin drugs that that doctors prescribe to lower people’s cholesterol. The theory is wrong; it’s based on faulty science. But he FDA has allowed the statin drug companies to brainwash physicians and the general public into thinking that lowering elevated LDL-cholesterol will result in a huge reduction in heart attacks and longer, healthier lives. This has been one of the most successful (untruthful) marketing campaigns in the history of the world.

Currently over 40 million Americans ages 40-75 are taking statins. New guidelines released by The American College of Cardiology and The American Heart Association in 2013 will add 12.8 million more Americans between 60 to 75 to those who will be eligible to take statins. This new group will be advised to take statins for "primary prevention." This means that 48.6% (nearly half) of American adults will be taking or recommended to take statin drugs.

THE CLAIM: In primary prevention, using statins to lower cholesterol will reduce the risk of a heart attack.

THE REALITY: Statins are astoundingly ineffective for primary prevention; cholesterol levels are a very weak indicator of who will have a heart attack. The benefit is real, but it is VERT small.

SIDE EFFECTS: Statin drugs cause serious side effects such as weakening the heart, elevating blood pressure, damaging the body’s ability to produce energy within cells, declining cognitive function and depleting antioxidant levels which increases free radical damage and accelerates aging.

Statin drug therapy is simply based on faulty science. The “Statin Industry” (which consists of drug companies, and the physicians that believe the statin-poropaganda story they have been told) tells us that elevated LDL-cholesterol is “bad” cholesterol which must be aggressively attacked and lowered.

In one study, researchers evaluated data from over 2 million patients aged 30-84 with 225,992 patients who were new users of statins.

THE BENEFIT: For every 10,000 high-risk women treated with statins, there would be 271 fewer cases of heart disease and 8 fewer cases of esophageal cancer.

THE DOWN SIDE: an additional 74 patients would develop liver dysfunction, 23 patients would develop acute kidney failure, 307 patients develop cataracts and 39 patients develop severe muscle weakness known as myopathy.


a) a 30-year follow-up of the famous Farmingham Heart Study reported NO correlation between elevated cholesterol and cardiovascular deaths for people over 50.

b) in fact, for people over 50, as cholesterol levels decrease, your risk of dying from heart disease AND other disease INCREASES.

c) Results from 12 separate trials have unanimously reported that n otherwise healthy people with no symptoms or history of heart disease, statins provide ZERO benefit

d) Not a single study has ever shown that statins are beneficial for women. In fact, the largest clinical trial in women reported that women who took Lipitor actually had 10% more heart attacks compared to women who were taking a placebo.

e) To date, no study has ever shown that statins prevent heart attacks or extend life for people over the age of 70 (men or women), including those who are at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

f) Statins also do not help younger men who have high cholesterol, but no other significant heart disease risk factors. Any possible cardiovascular benefits are offset by substantial increases in death & debility from other causes.

Seemingly ignoring all of the points made above, millions of low-risk younger men, millions of elderly men, and women of all ages are advised by well-meaning physicians to take statin drugs.

The only people that have been shown in to benefit at all from statins are middle-aged men who are at high risk of heart attack (which includes existing clogged arteries, diabetes, poor blood supply to the brain or extremities, or two or more risk factors, such as hypertension and smoking). However, even for this group of high-risk men, , there are far safer and more effective natural therapies to lower risk than using dangerous statin drugs.

One of the biggest problems associated with statin therapy, aside from the fact that they don’t work, is the fact that statins block you body’s ability to make a critically important compound called coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10. coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant, and it is required in every cell of the body for energy production. Muscles require a great deal of energy. Inhibiting CoQ10 production weakens muscles throughout the body. Since the heart is the most energy-demanding muscle in the body, when CoQ10 synthesis is blocked, the first thing that happens is a weakening of the heart. When the heart doesn’t have enough power to pump efficiently, fluids begin to accumulate in the extremities, which is called congestive heart failure. Congestive heart Failure is primarily a coenzyme Q10 deficiency disease. - See more at: http://www.naturalpharmacist.net/ 

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