Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Miracle of Zeolite as a Universal Health Product

If you are seeking a true health product that is the universal tool on your health workbench - go no further than Zeolite! 

ZeoForce Zeolite Suggested Uses Include: 
  • DETOXIFICATION: Mix 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons per day into water, fresh juice or smoothie. Neutral taste. Will not pull out good nutrients.
  • INTENSIVE USAGE: Take 6 tablespoons per day. Ideally, divide servings up. Can be taken all at once. Drink plenty of water!
  • CLEANSING FACE/ BODY MASK: Mix 4 tablespoons of ZeoForce™ into 4 teaspoons of water. You can also add CoQ10 and a drop of your favorite essential oil for additional benefits.  Do NOT overdue the essential oil and test on a smaller area first to assure that it does not irritate your skin or eyes.  Avoid the area around your eyes when applying.  Spread a thin layer on your face and allow to dry (about 15 minutes). Rinse thoroughly, using the ZeoForce™ to exfoliate.  Follow with a moisturizer if desired. You can also expand this recipe for full body coverage (spread as thick as you wish). Great for pimples, rashes and skin irritations! 
  • DETOXIFYING AND RELAXING BODY AND FOOT BATH: Add 1/4 - 1 cup (or any quantity you desire) to hot bath water for a deeply detoxifying soak. Combine internal, mask & bath for ultimate detox! 
  • BITES AND STINGS: Mix 4 tablespoons of ZeoForce™ into 4 teaspoons of water and apply to affected area, allow to dry (about 15 minutes) and rinse. Repeat as required. Also take internally.
  • TOOTH POWDER: Add a pinch to your brush and add a drop of essential oil (e.g. Neem, Peppermint, Cinnamon) to create a natural tooth powder blend.
  • LAUNDRY POWDER: Add 1 tablespoon to each load to remove residue and brighten colors.
For more information about Zeolite, read this whitepaper

To purchase ZeoForce Zeolite, link here.