Monday, July 14, 2014

Question: What about the standards of your Vitamineral Green?

Vitamineral Green (buy online here)
Q: Does Vitamineral Green™ contain any fillers?

A: No! Vitamineral Green™ is NOT diluted with inexpensive apple pectin, flax meal, fiber, rice bran, barley malt, F.O.S., oat bran, rice solids, lecithin, or anything else! Vitamineral Green™ is designed to be the most mineral- and vitamin-rich product we could make that is still 100% food. As a result, Vitamineral Green™ is almost all green foods, as green foods are by far the most micronutrient-rich foods on the planet.

Q: Why do you package EcoFresh in amber glass bottles?

A: Our EcoFresh Nutrient Lock Packaging™ system (glass bottle, airtight metal lid with rubber seal, and oxygen absorber in the bottle) effectively creates a vacuum inside the bottle, preventing oxidation of fragile nutrients. In addition, amber glass is UV resistant and can withstand heat much more than plastic. We work hard to source the highest quality products with the highest nutritional density. It is important to us that we deliver the product to YOU, the consumer, in its highest integral form. 

Note: all plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (and plastic lids on glass bottles) allow oxygen to pass through and come into contact with the product inside the bottle, slowly oxidizing valuable nutrients as the product sits on the shelf waiting to be purchased. In addition, plastic bottles and metal/foil pouches (worst and not recyclable) offgas volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that negatively affect our health, and are highly toxic to melt down. In contrast, our bottles do not offgas and can be easily recycled (non-toxic to melt down), or better, reused for dry or liquid food storage!

Q. What are the purity standards for HealthForce products? Are HealthForce products organic?

A: TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core, quality standard for sourcing and production that takes standards significantly beyond those dictated by USDA Organic. Our TruGanic™ products must pass tests to verify that they are 100% free of GMOs, irradiation, pesticides, and herbicides. The TruGanic™ standard was created by Dr. Jameth Sheridan of HealthForce Nutritionals to verify absolute purity. This came in response to a significant erosion and widespread dissatisfaction with organic standards as defined by the USDA.

Dr. Sheridan and the HealthForce team take the utmost care in selecting ingredients for use in our TruGanically™-grown products. We have a general three-step process:

1) We ask the supplier of the organic or wildcrafted ingredients if they use any pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, irradiation, or EtO (ethylene oxide). We also ask the supplier for detailed information about their processing method in order to assure that it is of the highest quality and free of toxins. If they pass these verbal tests, then we request:

2) A Certificate of Analysis to verify purity. Once this has been approved, we next

3) Test for GMO, Pesticies and Irradiation. Once these tests comes back with zero detectable levels of contaminants, the ingredient is approved for use in HealthForce products.

Q: Are HealthForce products gluten free?

A: Yes. HealthForce is a 100% gluten-free facility, and we guarantee all of our products to be gluten free. As an added measure of assurance, we have all raw materials tested for gluten contamination before they enter our facility.

Myth: wheatgrass juice/fiber contains gluten.
Fact: HealthForce Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer blend (containing wheat and barley grass fibers/juices) is guaranteed 100% gluten free, verified by regular testing. We use mature grasses, which are gluten free, and also offer the benefit of being more bioavailable and nutrient dense. Young, tray-grown grasses can potentially have gluten contamination by way of the actual berries being juiced with the grass. It is possible that even small amounts of gluten can affect someone with Celiac’s disease, so it is best to only consume mature grown grasses to be on the safe side.

Q: Are HealthForce products Vegan?

A: Yes, all HealthForce products are 100% guaranteed Vegan. Our entire production facility is 100% Vegan, with no animal products used (or consumed) anywhere on site. Jameth and Kim Sheridan (HealthForce founders and owners) have eaten a whole food Vegan diet for over 25 years and HealthForce is strongly infused with these values and principles. HealthForce also never uses labs that do animal testing, or purchases any products where animal testing was involved. We are proud to be a 100% Vegan/cruelty-free company, and our products are phenomenal for supporting a healthy and balanced Vegan and/or vegetarian diet.

Q: Are HealthForce products considered raw?

A: Yes, all of our superfood products are dried at low temperatures to preserve the integrity of the fragile nutrients, life force energy, and enzymes. Vitamineral Green™, Earth™, Spirulina Manna™, Spirulina Azteca™, Chlorella Manna™, Elixir of the Lake™, Friendly Fats™, Greener Grasses™ Alkalizer, Truly Natural™ Vitamin C, MacaForce™, Fruits of the Earth™, Warrior Food™, Nopal Blood Sugar™, and Elite Green Protein™ are all guaranteed 100% raw food.

Q: How are the HealthForce herbs and superfoods dried and ground?

A: We source from the highest quality growers/harvesters/processors that use HealthForce approved processing methods (only low-heat drying and grinding processes). This is of paramount importance in selecting our suppliers. We choose low heat drying over freeze drying, because we feel that one processing method damages fragile nutrients less than two. In other words, we feel that freezing AND drying degrades fragile nutrients more than just low temperature drying.

Our formulas are designed to deliver maximum bioavailability, so we go for the finest grinds possible with every superfood and herb we work with. Finer grinding yields much higher therapeutic potency, as the body is able to assimilate so many more nutrients, compared to with similar products with coarser grinds. Fewer cells per particle is our goal. Because HealthForce superfoods are so finely ground, they mix easily, go down smooth, and challenge the belief (based on common experience) that green/superfood powders have to be “chalky” and/or unpleasant and gritty to consume. We frequently hear from our customers that our products are not only massively therapeutic, but also taste great. The purity and freshness of our ingredients, combined with the highest known quality processing, results in the highest therapeutic value we can deliver to YOU, the end consumer.