Monday, July 21, 2014

Stress Management and Coping Skills to Stop Smoking

Smoking is an habitual habit that is hard to stop. But with smoking being such a proven health risk, it is important to review techniques to stop. While Natural Healing Tools doesn't endorse any on particular practitioner or method to quit - we do want to present ideas and people to invest time in. 

Hypnosis.  Doesn't seem like the usual way of quitting a bad habit.  Hypnotherapy stands in the midst of different smoking cessation techniques.  Many have subjected themselves to nicotine patches, gradual reduction and just plain cold turkey. None of which have proven to be as effective as hypnotherapy. Smokers can now stop smoking with hypnosis, and the results prove the method to be successful. The great part of hypnotherapy is, people can stop smoking with hypnosis, but only need a little to get going. A University of Iowa study involving 72,000 people found that hypnotherapy was the most effective and successful method.  This study has fueled the belief that reaching any goal first starts in the mind.  The success that comes from hypnotherapy is this: People learn how to use their mind to work for them, rather than against them.  This helps people to stay focused and motivated, as well as manage any stress or cravings that come along.

The key to hypnosis is that it caters to the psychological aspect of that habit.  The truth is, habit is psychological.  People are able to stop smoking with hypnosis because it attempts to overpower that habit that has taken hold of that person's mind.  There are no risks when trying to quit smoking with hypnosis. When all other treatments have failed, hypnosis proves to be a safe and completely natural process.

When one thinks of kicking their habit, they rarely think about alternative solutions to an age-old problem.  When all of the conventional treatments fail, hypnosis is the safest, most effective technique used to help others stop smoking.  Dr. Travis, has dedicated his life to improving the lives of others by using this alternative method.  Dr. Travis helps people to stop smoking with hypnosis, and have a better opportunity at life.