Friday, September 5, 2014

Ebola: Another Patient in the US

Another Ebola patient was brought into the US to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. 

While the staff there is highly trained and the public announcements talk to the maximum effort to protect the population, the conversation is certainly starting about not only Ebola but other communicable diseases brought to the US by travelers of all types. 

About Ebola

Ebola is the current illness taking the center stage away from AIDS, Avian Flu, etc - and for good reason. Take a read on the WHO website  or research from the CDC -  How do I protect myself against Ebola? There is an incredible amount of information on Ebola on the web, so we won't bore you here with more. 

What Can I Do? 

For all infectious diseases - from common cold germs to deadly diseases - a couple things comes up consistently - 
  1. The healthy have a greater chance of combating the disease. 
  2. Being preventative with supplements.  
  3. Wash your hands, with soap, a lot. 
  4. Stay away from people who are sick.
But, not any one thing is a guarantee. So, even thought there is no guarantee there are things you can do to improve your overall virus prevention. 


Take good quality supplements and vitamins daily. A multi vitamin may not have all the right balance of supplements for your dietary match. Think about your normal food intake and assess if you are getting enough vitamin D, Omegas, etc. Search Natural Healing Tools to build your supplement regiment. 

Specifically Vitamin D3 has shown to promote good immune system health - and is significantly lacking in our general diet (think beef liver, cheese, egg yolks). Sunshine is the best source of vitamin D.  {Interesting in a supplement? Try Bone Renewal for organic D3.}


Not all disinfectant sprays work on virus. Mesosilver does.

What do we use this for? Our kids. We arm our kids with a bottle for their locker at school, gym and dorm room. Yes, we understand that they don't always listen or use what we give them. But we can spray their room at home.