Thursday, October 9, 2014

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Family from EMF

1)  THIS COULD BE ALL 5 TIPS - minimize your use of cell phones. Maximize their distance from your body at all times - hold the phone 1-2" away from your ear and do not put your phone in your pocket. Do not let young children use a cell phone - their skulls are not completely harden until age 10. AND DO NOT bring cell phones, computers or the chargers into the bedroom.

Try an EMF blocker rated for cell phones from Natural Healing Tools (link here)

2)  Keep your body away from transformers, motors, electrical wiring in the walls and in the room, power strips and electrical devices.

3)  Avoid being physically in wi-fi fields as much as possible (commercial locations are flooded with them). 

Children are especially vulnerable to harm from wi-fi. Emotional and behavioral problems (ADHD) and childhood leukemia are directly and uniformly associated with those exposures. Ask your child's school to turn off wi-fi. Many states and cities have banned wi-fi in schools for very good reasons. 

ki-bal key ring
4) Vehicles produce high levels of EMF because they have motors, and motors create a lot of disturbed energy, EMF. 

Try having your keys on a ki-bal means that you and all the inhabitants of the vehicle are protected without you having to think about a thing. Keeping on you also provides EMF protection. The ki-bal is also a subtle energy, emotional balancing item. 

5) In this modern age, everywhere is immersed with electro-smog. Includes Wi-Fi, cell phone, high line voltage wires, computer devices, cars, airplanes.... Wearing personal EMF protection everywhere you go, 24/7. 

QLink Personal Protection Pendant
The cost of personal protection start at $44.95 and go up from there. This is a personal choice revolving around age, lifestyle and personal fashion style. Check out the selection on Natural Healing Tools.