Wednesday, October 8, 2014

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Home from EMF

1) Read up and understand Smart Meters. These are digital devices that utility companies all over the country are installing on homes and businesses. First step is to determine if you already have a Smart Meter or if your local utilities are getting ready to install. 

  • If you already have Smart Meters, you need to investigate your rights to have an analog meter installed. Contact your utility and check out for tips. 
  • If you don't have Smart Meters yet, assume they are coming. Determine your private property rights and what the local utility company is offering its customers for leaving the analog device in place. Check for tips and search Smart Meters on the internet. 
  • You may want to shield yourself from these meters but this may be construed as tampering. Contact an electrician for professional assistance. 
  • Check Natural Healing Tools for our plug in solutions to mitigate the EMF in your home and personal devices to protect yourself from EMF when on the go. 

2) Get rid of every cordless phone (use hard-wired phones), microwave oven, and other wireless device in your home. Look carefully, sometimes we forget that certain devices have wireless and/or digital components.

3)  Turn off and remove every wi-fi device in your home. Use direct Ethernet connections and routers for your internet connections. Turn off wi-fi on your laptop and cell phones.

4) Remove all dimmer switches as they spill EMF 24/7 (hear the hum?). Replace them with standard, binary (open/close) switches.

5)  Check for overhead high-voltage wires and, if any are nearby, use a scanning meter to verify exposures. If those are near your house you may want to consider moving. It is almost impossible to shield all waves from a large nearby sources of EMF 24/7 (going to the neighbors, driving, playing in the yard, etc.), and this is showing to cause cancer and other life-threatening ailments after prolonged exposure.