Sunday, October 5, 2014

Halloween: Add A Scare by Doing a Detox....

Halloween is a time for many people to do a mini detox or colon cleanse. As life slows a bit from fall into winter - and the holiday crush hasn't started with it's parties and rich foods - its a perfect time to cleanse.

What is extraordinary is the pictures of what sludge can accumulate in the colon over time (just Google those pictures if you want a scare). A simple detox with the right product support can be as short as a day to as long as your medical professional allows.

Before any change in your health regiment, start first by talking with your personal health professional. Ask your professional how they prefer you monitor your fast and what length they suggest for you. First timers may start with a day or 3 day and work themselves up to a longer fast.

Second, whether or not you've cleansed before, start by doing your homework. Read books and articles on detoxing. Ask other people what they do. Research various products that are available to help you. This includes natural super foods to support your fast (juice fasts are not a technique we suggest), health tools like a Colema Board and Squatty Potty, and rewards like great theater tickets or favorite hobby.

Next, determine the length of your fast and get it on your calendar. Even a day long fast will take the energy from you. Schedule walks or activities that don't require tremendous physical activity late in your fast.

Acquire the products and tools for your fast. While Natural Healing Tools does stock many products, plan enough time for shipment.

Do your fast.

Last, document what worked for you, length of your fast and how you broke your fast. This will help with your next fast. Use an app on your phone or if you prefer to write it down, get a journal from The Afternoon. 

By being good to your colon, it will be good to you!