Tuesday, November 11, 2014

FAQ: What do you suggest for EMF protection on the go?

At Natural Healing Tools, we are asked a few questions on a similar theme - 

  • What should I take with me as I leave home? 
  • What can I give my children to hook on to their backpack for school? 
  • I don't want to wear jewelry - what else can you suggest? 
  • Cost is a factor. What is an economical solution for EMF protection on the go? 
The two EMF protection products that have answered these questions well are the Safe Space 2 Key chain (more information) and the Ki Bal pyramid key chain (more information). Both are designed for heavy use. Both are ideal for the student book bag, purse or keys.  Both clear an area to provide personal protection. 

We do suggest a separate cell phone protection product for any personal cell phone, laptop, or personal electronic device - due to the proximity of these when in use. These products are available here.