Sunday, December 28, 2014

7 Steps to a Healthier Environment (with little money)

These are steps you can take today in your home with relative ease and little money.

1) Reduce dust mites and animal dander 

- Wash sheets weekly in 130 F
- Vacuum mattress, chairs and carpeting
- Replace pillows every five years
- Install solid surface floors in bedrooms

2) Control moisture sources

- Vent bathrooms, kitchens, clothes dryer, stove hood and toilets directly outdoors
- Fix water leaks and clean up after floods
- Ventilate in cold weather
- Dehumidify/air condition in warm weather (RH<50%)

3) Eliminate combustion gases

- Use outdoor air supply for fireplaces, wood stoves
- Use outside vented stove hood when using gas stove
- Use sealed, power vented water heaters and furnaces
- Eliminate non-vented combustion sources

4) Eliminate toxic pesticides

- Eliminate highly toxic pesticides
- Discard synthetics exposed to pesticides
- Use least toxic controls  (
- Reduce air concentration with carbon/Zeolite

5) Eliminate volatile compounds

- Store toxic/volatile compounds out of the living space
- Use safe paints and sealers (No VOC’s)
- Open windows to handle high polluting events, such as the use of home cleaning products, hobbies, painting

6) Reduce particulates

- Use a 3M Filtrete 1250 (MERV 11) or better particle filter
- Replace filters regularly
- Use hard floor surfaces rather than wall-to-wall carpet
- Use a True HEPA filter equipped vacuum cleaner

7) Ventilation

- Provide a minimum amount of outside air
- Using whole house mechanical ventilation
- Open a few windows