Thursday, December 11, 2014

Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Etheric Weavers


Weaver Star Buddha-1
Simply used for meditation and healing - The Etheric Weaver telepathically transmits the healing spiritual blessings of the American born Buddha Maitreya the Christ to Awaken the Soul, Heal the Personality and Strengthen Virtue. 
Small Etheric Weavers to Wear
Pendant Rainbow Silverwrap-2These Small Etheric Weavers® are designed to be worn daily as small versions of the Etheric Weavers that radiate the healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ for self-healing, protection from negative influences and to awaken the Soul. Wearing a Small Etheric Weaver helps to further and maintain a deeper state of peace and positive as it radiates out vitality and Chi to help heal rents in the Etheric Body—the matrix of the physical, emotional and mental vehicles - and draw it back into a unified and balanced whole. Buy Etheric Weavers Pendants in copper wrap (here) or silver wrap (here). 
Larger hand-held Etheric Weavers
page-6Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Etheric Weaver® is a simple to use healing tool and can be used by anyone for meditation, self-healing and healing others. Simply hold by the teardrop, and let the crystal hang like a pendulum over your hand or the area being treated. Relax and clear your mind and allow the Etheric Weaver to begin moving gently on its own as it works to calm, heal and align to the Soul - radiating the vitality of one’s attunement to God. Etheric Weavers in copper wrap (here) and silver wrap (here).