Friday, January 2, 2015

2 Serious Health Topics Carrying Into the New Year

At Natural Healing Tools, we are avid on the topic of health. While looking for the most relevant topics for our audience in 2014, there are a few topics that we are following into 2015.

Supplement Regulations 
Natural Healing Tools has been selling natural supplements and super foods since 2004. Over the last year, we saw the most instability in product availability over any time in the last 10 years. 
In talking with our vendors, we found that they were experiencing significant regulatory changes. This came in many forms. 
    • Label changes
    • Significant increase in duplicate testing requirements
    • Key ingredients either newly disapproved, or simply not available 
While we absolutely want the safest products possible, some of the new regulations have caused some manufacturers to pull products that, in one case, has been produced for over 60 years, and others to consider going out of business. 
Going into 2015, we look forward to a hope that the regulations will stabilize and we can continue to offer high quality, natural supplements to our clients.
 Definitive Science on EMF Health Effects
The last significant science reporting on the effects of EMF - in the world - came from the 2012 update to the Bioinitiative Report (link here). Since, there are various scientists that are speaking out, like canaries in the coal mine, about the EMF Smog that has engulfed the industrial world in the last 5 years. 
There are significant arguments to be made about the increase in certain cancers,  decreased sperm counts, and complaints of sleeplessness, headaches and other maladies that can be diminished in many cases with the decrease of EMF exposure. 
There have been cries from medical and science experts around the world for research. Some have said that there are powerful forces at work from the largest industry in the world - telecommunications companies. They do not want their cell phones and mobile devices shown to cause health problems.  
The other significant concerns are with smart meters that are proliferating every US household. While there is complete agreement that there are many cost savings to the utility companies, there is a lot of concern with EMF exposure. Overlay the privacy concerns (giving control of your household power) to a third party, and this should be a true concern of every US citizen.  
 Going into 2015, we are monitoring the chatter on EMF - and reporting back to you at NHT News and in our EMF newsletter.