Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just One Little Change for a Healthier Diet

New Year's Resolutions time of year....

What is easier to deal for most of us is instead of a wholesale, complete change of life resolution that are unrealistic is to make one minor change. One simple change - create your own health dressings with a Salad Zinger.

It is so easy to just buy a salad dressing. But the hidden calories in sugars and fat - plus the salt - that come along with commercial salad dressings is alarming. It's so easy and fun to create a dressing on the spot to match the salad.

Just add the ingredient profile you are aiming for - sweet, savory, fruity to the bottom of the Zinger. Loosely screw together. Add oil, vinegar or juice to the top vessel. Grind, infuse, steep at least 30 minutes to overnight, and serve.

Use the Salad Zinger to create vinaigrette's, creamy salad dressings, marinades, and infused oils.

Here's a few recipe ideas:

To purchase a Zinger: