Friday, January 9, 2015

Stay Hydrated for Winter Health

In summer and hot weather spots, its easier to carry a water bottle around and keep hydrated. Our bodies also have sharper signals that we are thirsty in hot weather. In winter, the dehydration signals are different. Dry skin, headaches, and dry throat may be a bit more subtle. Mind the warning signs of dehydration like the color of urine should be a pale yellow (depending on diet and supplements), constipation, and dizziness.  
Stay in the habit of regularly drinking water all day. This is helpful to the immune system. To fight illnesses our bodies create mucous, and this requires ample water reserves to make. 
A few tips for staying hydrated in winter:
  • Drink 8 glasses of water: Try to drink at least a large 2 glasses of water with each meal. That should help ensure you’re getting the right amount each day. Water or water with lemon is the only liquid that counts here.
  • Limit caffeine: A tried and true method all year-round. Limiting the amount of caffeine drinks will help retain water.
  • Limit sodas: Sodas do not replace water and can be detrimental to your fluid intake. 
  • Eat your liquids: Soup will not only help to hydrate you but also warm you up after coming in from the cold.
  • Eat salty foods: Along with eating liquids, salty dishes help your body retain water.
  • Short showers: Help keep your skin from drying out by avoiding long, hot showers.
For variety in your water, try a Citrus Zinger or Aqua Zinger from Natural Healing Tools. Add fresh fruit and vegetables to your water to change taste, add variety and improve nutrition.