Thursday, March 19, 2015

10 Tips to Preparing for a Health Fast

Preparing to Fast

The idea of fasting is to help cleanse and purge the body of harmful toxins and pollutants that quite often remain in the human body. Any fast should be well thought out and prepared for. Even a 1 day fast should be planned ahead. And, consult with your personal, medical professional. 
Whether you choose to do a 1, 3 or 7 day fast, it requires some preparation. Obviously, the longer you wish to fast, the more preparation time that is needed. So, before you get started with a fast of your own, you may want to first consider the length of time you are planning to fast. This will ensure that you have the best possible experience while fasting.
Here is a list of some suggestions to prepare yourself for a successful fasting experience.
• Pencil it in on the calendar - make an appointment with yourself for this time. If you are performing more than a 1 day fast, you may consider taking vacation time from work or school.
• Mini-fast (1-day fasts) - consider a series of mini fasts in the months ahead of a longer fast.
 Form a support group - coordinate with friends who routinely fast. This provides encouragement, ideas and support for a successful fast.
• Create a schedule - Create a schedule at least the week before. Fill it with things to preoccupy the mind while fasting. Your energy level may be low, so you don't want to push yourself beyond your limits. Ideas include reading, journaling, take a new walking route, visit a museum, see a movie, naps, scrapebooking, and gardening. Anything to reward (preoccupy) yourself for not eating. Don't schedule to meet your friends at a restaurant.
• 7 Day Fasting Kit  - Make sure to order your kit ahead of time and review any instructions that come with it. Match your schedule with the Fasting Kit.
Purge your cupboards - get rid of unwanted foods that may tempt you. In the days leading up to the fast, start to clean out the fridge and cabinets from foods that may cause you to cheat. This one is especially difficult if you have a family.
• Schedule a massage - schedule 3-4 1 hour massages ahead of time for the week of your fast. This is a very relaxing treat. Many therapists come to your home to save you from driving when you are the most relaxed. A reiki message also helps release toxins from your body.
Take care of your outer beauty - this is an excellent time to pamper yourself. Have face masks, body mud and bath products at the ready. Or schedule facials or manicures.  
• Colonic - you may consider buying your own colema board . The advantage to this is privacy. There are mixed reviews when it comes to performing colonics. Do your own research and make a decision based on your personal health goals.
• Have plenty of purified or steam distilled water - Plan enough for drinking and for use of colonics. 
These suggestions should help get you started on a path towards a healthier and cleaner body.