Saturday, March 21, 2015

Between Fasts

After the Fast

Are you ready to get started with your own detox program? If you're even the tiniest bit concerned about the many forms of toxic waste that lie dormant in body, time to say, "yes".

This is the last in a series of articles on detoxing the body from Natural Healing Tools. Fasting is an ancient and efficient self-purifying technique. For some unfortunate reason, this rarely talked about "health wonder" has been virtually stripped of its title and is rarely talk about as an ongoing health maintenance routine.

Between fasts, there is much you can do to stay healthy.
• Buy organic! Spend more time consuming organic foods. This is crucial to keeping unwanted chemicals and processed foods out of your system.
• Adapt yourself to eating more raw foods in your diet. Limit the amount of cooked foods.
• Take a digestive enzyme with your meals. This will aid the body during the digestive process by helping to breakdown our food. Most people continue to eat a relatively enzymeless diet.
• A probiotic - maintain a healthy supply of good bacteria. I often get fresh yogurt made from raw milk from my farmer friends. This is an excellent way to replenish the good bacteria in the body.
• Proper elimination through squatting. This may seem ridiculous, but this is important. The modern toilet does not truly support the proper mechanical posture to create a complete elimination. Try the Squatty Potty.
• Incorporate 1 to 3 day fasts throughout the year.
• Drink filtered water. Try steam distilled. Tap water contains a significant amount of harmful chemicals.
• Make sure that the air you are breathing is relatively clean. The air in our homes can become polluted from chemicals in our carpets, furniture, paint or other building materials. The use of an air purifier. Even certain house plants act as excellent filters. You might even enjoy reading this book... "How To Grow Fresh Air"  , by Dr. B.C. Wolverton - 50 houseplants that purify your home or office.
• Exercise - helps to remove the toxins in your body through perspiration. It also increases your blood flow stimulating your lymphatic system. Try rebounding on the Cellerciser! An excellent way to exercise.
• A glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice and water first thing in the morning. This is a great detoxify and it keeps the blood alkaline.
• Reduce stress - stress can interrupt the digestive process contributing to toxic buildup. Learn to manage your stress and create emotional balance. 

Keep the momentum of the fast going by making healthier choices as to what goes into your body and becoming more consciously aware of your life. The body, like a car, needs proper maintenance to keep it running at its best. 
No doubt, caring for your body is a primary necessity and a routine cleansing should be a part of everyone’s livelihood.