Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bliss of a Sale

Serenity Pure Melatonin Supplement
This is the most effective melatonin compound on the market. We love it because it's a glandular not a synthetic. It works extremely well for people who have trouble sleeping, for those suffering from "jet lag", or for those who want to experience and remember their dreams in living color! Wonderful for lucid dreaming! Serenity facilitates inner calm and repose, a serene sense of well-being and sustained restful sleep. 
Serenity and Jet Lag
The pineal gland is called the "regulator of regulators" because it controls the other master glands and sets and re-sets the body's clocks. 
Serenity restores disruptions to the biological clocks caused by jet lag and air travel. 
Serenity and Dreaming
Serenity is an exceptional aide for lucid and regular dreaming. When awakened at around 4 AM, we often recall having vivid, colorful dreams. This is the time of night when melatonin levels are at their peak. Increased melatonin causes vivid dreams, feeling of elation, visual imagery and an increase in alpha brain waves, which is very important for good mental health.

Serenity and OxyBliss Powder sale is while supplies last!