Saturday, March 21, 2015


Breaking The Fast

Previous articles have detailed a 7 day fasting. This article covers how to break a fast and why this important step is so crucial to making each fast successful. However trivial this may seem, it may be one the most important topics.
When your body hasn't taken on food for seven days, it’s very important to re-introduce the correct foods back again. Allow your body the necessary time to restart the flow of digestive juices and to properly stimulate the needed peristaltic action in the intestines after a lengthy fast. Once this is accomplished and normalcy to the bowels is restored, you have finally completed what you set out to do...successfully finish a fast.
Ok, so what the reality here is, "Don't go out and stuff yourself with an extra large combo-style pizza or make unnecessary trips to the buffet line at your favorite restaurant". What may happen is one unpleasant trip to the bathroom.
So here's how one way to spend the next 3 days coming off of a 7 day fast and slowly re-introduce food back into your body.
Around the early evening (about 5pm) of the 7th day, try breaking your fast by eating about ½ of a medium sized orange. Eat the other half about 2 hours later. Slowly savor each bite of the orange.
On the morning of the 8th day, start by eating ½ of a medium sized orange again followed by the 2nd half 2-21/2 hours later. By the time evening comes around, eat a total of 2-3 oranges. For an evening meal, lightly steam some fresh organic vegetables (zucchini, squash, tomato...) and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the top of them. Start with small portions only. 
Next morning (9th day), start off with ½ of an orange followed by the 2nd half 2-21/2 hours later. About 2-3 hours later, try a small salad of fresh chopped cabbage, carrots, tomatoes and celery. Spray the vegetables with a little bit of Braggs Amino Liquid and slowly chew several times before swallowing. This salad can be used for the evening meal 2-3 hours later.
***Don't expect a bowel movement right away. It may take the body a few days before normal bowel activity is restored.
On the 10th day, start off with one whole banana or apple followed by another small piece of fruit 2-3 hours later. For lunch, have a similar salad as the day before. This time you can choose to add some avocados or broccoli to the mix. The same goes for the evening meal. Listen to your body. Be very cautious at this point not to over-eat. Eat only enough to be comfortable…that's it!
By the next day, go back to a normal routine of eating.