Wednesday, March 4, 2015

IOWA: Results with additional patient risk factors

(From Nov 2014 Anti Aging Matter, Plant vs Fish, Why Plants Win by Professor Brian Peskin) Seven subjects had “high” cholesterol levels while taking fish oil supplements before changing to PEOs. Six of the seven patients decreased their cardiovascular “biological age” by ceasing fish oil and converting to PEOs-an 83% effectiveness rate in this sub-group. One subject with both “high cholesterol” and diabetes improved after replacing fish oil with PEOs. Two subjects taking statins decreased their cardiovascular biological age by 20 years after ceasing fish oil and replacing with PEOs.

The most remarkable finding was that subjects taking fish oil prior to PEOs obtained the most improvement! This was anticipated since they started at a greater deficit. Ceasing fish oil use allowed the arterial system to revert to “normal” instead of making the vascular system less flexible by its use. Once the vascular system was back to “normal,” the expected improvement from PEOs, as shown by the other groups, was also achieved, resulting in an even greater decrease in biological age.

It takes a full 18 weeks to fully rid patients of the negative effects of fish oil, as the superb 2003 British Medical Journal of Nutrition article makes clear.13 The subjects in the IOWA experiment were measured at an average of 14 weeks after ceasing fish oil usage. If they had been measured at the full 18 weeks, we might have seen even greater decreases in arterial “biological age.”

We are misled time after time about what is best for us. For example, saturated fat was vilified for decades. We were told not to eat cheese, bacon, butter, or cream. However, it was known that there was no saturated fat in an arterial occlusion (clog). There are over 10 different compounds in arterial plaque, but NO saturated fat. The world’s leading medical journal, and published in the UK, the Lancet, published this finding in 1994.14 Two additional medical journals independently reported--before and after the historic Lancet report--that there is no saturated fat in arterial occlusions.15 Regardless of this unequivocal science, the opposite was published and parroted for decades.

How many patients were harmed and turned diabetic? Wrong health information given by those who are expected to know medical science, has ruined America and many western countries, turning us into obese diabetics. Don’t let this continue to happen.

Relatively little attention has been given to the Parent oils. Nevertheless, there are a number of studies comparing PEOs to the entirely derivative fish oil. The following conclusions are from a sampling of studies involving the physiology and biochemistry of the PEOs:

1. “The reduction in fasting blood glucose and in the glucose area under the curve during the day was significantly greater with the n-6 [from lean fish] than with the n-3 [fatty fish] diet.”16 [Showing 21% less insulin production with fatty fish compared to lean, non-fatty fish containing more PEOs. This should terrify patients, as diabetes has become the #1 epidemic in the world, and fish oil makes it worse]. 
2. “n-6 [Parent omega-6] Polyunsaturated fatty acids extend life span through the activation of autophagy.”17 [Emphasis added] 
3. “Higher linoleic acid (Parent n-6) was associated with reduced risks of lowgrade and total prostate cancer.”18 [In this landmark study, the men taking the most fish oil had the most prostate cancer!] 
4. “Parent omega-3 is significantly lower in patients with dementia and fish oil didn't help.”19 [If fish oil were to help anywhere, it must help in the brain for this condition, but it failed]. 5. “Wherever we saw fatty streaks (an early state of atherosclerosis), we also found a deficiency in EFAs (Parent Essential Oil’s LA)”.20 [Proof that Parent omega-6 is a significant factor in Cardiovascular Disease.] 
6. “In this study, a vegetarian diet was found to sensitize subjects to insulin [an increased-positive
response].” 21 [The researchers believed it to be related to a greater proportion of LA (Parent omega-6) in their serum phospholipids.]


Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) should always be used before marine oil or fish oil supplements. Fish oils, because of their steroid-like effect of impairing the immune system, should never be prescribed prophylactically. I sincerely hope this article causes you to re-evaluate everything you have been told about EFAs and to consider PEOs as your supplement of choice (available for online purchase at Natural Healing Tools).