Friday, March 20, 2015

Performing a 7 Day Fast

The 7 Day Fast

Ok, let's begin to fast. Please keep in mind these are suggestions. Do your own research and talk to your medical professionals before you fast. 
•  7 Day Fasting Kit  - Springreen's kit includes (intestinal cleaner, detoxification and nutritional supplements). Springreen's kit includes a recommended daily routine to follow.
•  Colema board  - An enema helps with the removal of compacted areas deep within the intestine.
• Steam distilled water or purified water - Have plenty of reserves on hand, especially when planning to do a home colonic. A  colonic can use 5 gallon buckets of steam distilled water with a tablespoon of Epsom salts or 1/3 cup of lemon juice for each colonic performed during your fast. Unfiltered tap water should never be used for an enema.
• Daily schedule - Create a schedule for each day of the fast. This way, you don't feel stressed that you missed something. Just stay relaxed and calm and follow you schedule.
A 7 Day Fast actually should start 3 days prior to not eating. Here's why: this stimulates the elimination process in the body and slowly prepares the body for a long fast. The 3 days prior to a fast, prepare meals containing only raw organic fruits and vegetables (fruit bowl in the morning and fresh green salads for lunch and dinner). For a shorter, 3 day fast - only one day of fruits and vegetables prior to not eating is suggested (you should review your schedule well in advance and monitor with your health professional).
Day 1  -  no more food!  From day 1 through day 7, drink a cleansing drink made up of 10-12 ounces steam distilled water, Springreen detoxificant and intestinal cleaner five times a day about 3 hours apart. About 1½ hours after each cleansing drink, try a combination of nutritional supplements (Springreen, wheat germ oil, Vitamin C and whole beet plant juice tablets). All of this is supplied with a Springreen 7 day fasting kit
The detoxificant is derived from a mineral-rich volcanic clay. The clay is used because of its strong absorptive properties. (Adsorbs over 40 times its own weight in toxic substances). 

The intestinal cleaner contains ground-up psyllium that assists the body with the elimination process. Both to be key ingredients during the detoxification process.
Days 2-3 - Can be the most difficult days. The body is sending out those awful hunger signals. Energy level is low. These are the days that most people want to cheat. Be aware! Once you cheat (even the tiniest bit of food) the detoxification process stops. It will take a full 24 hours of not eating to start the process again. So stick it out!
Colonic - The early evening of day 2 is a good time to perform the first colonic. When fasting, your body dumps a higher level of toxic residue into the blood stream giving you that fatigue feeling.  The colonic helps to restore the energy that is lost during these 2 days by helping the the body to flush the toxic waste sooner. You can continue with the colonic each evening until the end of the fast (a total of 5-6 colonics).
Note: Some people choose to do 2 colonic in a day. If you are feeling extremely fatigued and are dumping a lot of toxins, you may want to perform 2 colonic/day, especially towards the beginning of the week. You may want to consult with a qualified person if you are not sure about performing a colonic on your own. Also, just to clarify, an enema is no substitute for a colonic! They don't reach as far into the intestine as colonic do.
Days 4-6 - The hunger pains are diminishing. This is where a pre-fast schedule is critical. Keep yourself busy. 
By the 4th day, your body is now in "ketosis".  This means that the liver is producing ketones from the fat stores in the body to fuel the brain and other organs...normally fueled by glucose. What is important here is that the utilization of ketones significantly limits the amount of muscle wasting that takes place in the body when we don't eat (the body does not utilize "ketosis" during a juice fast). 
Day 7 - By day 7 it is natural to feel anxious to end your 7 day fast. You've given your body the appropriate time to cleanse the entire bloodstream and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Now, you are ready to start eating again.
Please note: If at any time during the fast you experience sudden weakness, a noticeable decrease in blood pressure or persistent vomiting - stop fasting!!!  For your own safety, please consult with a qualified health professional that is knowledgeable and has much experience with fasting before engaging in any type of lengthy fast.
Before you start eating solid food again, you must break the fast ever-so-gently. This is one of the most crucial aspects to fasting for long periods of time...breaking the fast.